SIDNEY — The following people recently filed for marriage licenses in Shelby County:

Ronald Packer and Darlene Keith, both of Sidney; Matthew Richards and Heather Russell, both of Anna; Hunter Braun, of Houston, and Ethan Paulus, of Russia; Daniel Larger and Christie Burk, both of Botkins; William Wallace and Rachel Leach, both of Sidney; Aaron Bohman, of Russia, and Erika Monnier, of Versailles; Macy Turner and Seth Guillozet, both of Fort Loramie; Mallory Barga and Aaron Coons, both of Knoxville, Tennessee; Amanda Hayden and Michael Hilgefort, both of Sidney; Gregory Westfall and Amy Schroeder, both of Sidney; David Schmidt, Jr., and Alyson Grissom, both of Sidney; Hubert Martin and Jasmine Plotner, both of Sidney; Todd Scherer and Sarah Coyer, both of Sidney; Ryan Opperman and Megan Orndorff, both of Sidney; Gabrielle Stephens and Hunter Davis, both of Sidney; Jeremy Wood and Rebecca Heilers, both of Houston; Penny Simes and Eugene Daley, both of Sidney; Michelle Butterbaugh and Joshua Michael, both of Anna; Lindsey Pleiman and Jacob Laux, both of Fort Loramie; Bradley Coomes, of Troy, and Jenna Hooks, of Sidney; Ryan Alexander, of Fort Loramie, and Emily Walter, of St. Marys; Gerald Albers and Tina Sharp, both of Fort Loramie; Lesley Roseberry and Ashley Schemmel, both of Sidney; Austin Shevlin and Kaylee Evans, both of Sidney; Brandon Powers and Leslie Vonderhuevel, both of Sidney; Heaven Curtis and Fred Shoffner, both of Sidney; and Shannon Slaybaugh and Matthew Bryant, both of Sidney.

The following people recently filed for divorce in Shelby County:

Garry Fairchild v. Penny Fairchild, Deborah Wuebbenhorst v. Alan Wuebbenhorst, Karen Bower v. Robert Bower, Mary Duncan v. Joseph Duncan, Dawn Hunt v. Dallas Hunt, Billy Marlow v. Michelle Marlow, Tara Pierce v. William Pierce, and Misty Diaz v. Pedro Diaz Anzaldo.

The following people recently filed for dissolution in Shelby County:

Michelle Basil and Leon Basil, Jessica Freeman and Todd Freeman, Edwin Pulfer and Sally Pulfer, Mark Opperman and Andrea Opperman, Melissa Rice and Michael Rice, Charles Marlow and Theresa Marlow, Aaron Lowe and Christina Lowe, Vincente Bernardino and Melissa Bernardino, Gabriella Cole and Brandon Cole, Jessica Blank and James Blank, and Ladonna Hufford and Bobby Hufford.

Compiled by Aimee Hancock.

Compiled by Aimee Hancock.