Minster girl wins Americanism contest



MINSTER — Julia Mullins, 10, daughter of Terri and Jim Mullins, of Minster, placed first in the Central Division of the American Legion Auxiliary Americanism Essay Contest in the third- and fourth-grade level.

There was one winner in each age group in the Central Division which comprised nine midwestern states. The theme of her essay was “What can I personally do to promote Americanism in my school or community?”

Julia received a citation and $50 cash, and a $50 honorarium was made in her name to the Children of Warriors National Presidents’ Scholarship Fund.

She is a fifth-grade student at Minster Elementary School. Diana Hausfeld, the Americanism program chairman for Minster Unit 387 of the American Legion Auxiliary, conducted the essay contest as part of her program.

Julia’s winning essay follows:

What Can I Personally Do to Promote Americanism in My School or Community?

There are many ways to promote Americanism in my school or town.

One way I can promote this in my school is by putting my hand over my heart whenever I say the Pledge of Allegiance or sing the Star Spangled Banner. I can make this more and more common by showing my friends and family what to do. Another way I can show this is by thanking all veterans for their service. I can do this by telling the veterans thank you for your service and shaking their hand.

There are also many ways I can show Americanism in my town. One way I can promote Americanism is putting the flag at half-mast when the president orders us to. Another way I can show Americanism is by standing and singing the Star Spangled Banner at all sporting activities or anytime it is being played. The reason I do this is I hope that people will hear me, stand, and will start singing with me. I can also show Americanism by making sure the American Flag never touches the ground and when worn out to make sure it is replaced with a new one.

By standing and showing support for our veterans and servicemen I hope to be setting a good example for my family, my friends, and most important of all showing God that I am proud to have been born and raised in the USA.