New Bremen to feature “As Neil Knew It” exhibit

NEW BREMEN — The “Auglaize County As Neil Knew It” traveling photography exhibit has moved to the Southwestern Auglaize County Chamber of Commerce at the Lockkeepers House, New Bremen, for the month of September. The Chamber is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Auglaize County Historical Society has organized the exhibit from its photography collection.

Neil Armstrong, commander of the Apollo 11 space mission and the first human being to walk on the moon, was born on Aug. 5, 1930, in his grandparents’ farm house in Washington Township. His parents were Stephen and Viola Engel Armstrong. His father was a graduate of St. Marys’ Memorial High School, while his mother was a graduate of Blume High School.

Because of Stephen Armstrong’s work for the state auditor’s office, the Armstrong family made 16 moves between 1930 and 1944, which included residences in Moulton, 1937; St. Marys, 1938 to 1941; and Wapakoneta, 1944 to 1969. Armstrong’s parents, who both died in 1990, lived at Dorothy Love Retirement Community in the later years of their lives.

“We tried to use only photographs that reflect the buildings and streetscapes at the times that reflect Mr. Armstrong’s life,” said Rachel Barber, Auglaize County Historical Society administrator and member of the 2019 Committee (which is planning the Apollo 11 50th anniversary celebration). “We’re very fortunate that a number of the buildings remain in our communities even today. The Auglaize County Historical Society is proud to do its part to honor the upcoming anniversary, and hopes, by this exhibit, to inspire many of our residents.”

Exhibit-goers may park at the New Bremen library and walk across the canal bridge or park in the lot behind the Lockkeepers House, which is accessed via the alley west of 17 West restaurant. Visitors should always feel free to call ahead if they’re traveling a distance: 419-629-0313. “As Neil Knew It” is part of the historical society’s contribution to the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary celebration.

Founded in 1963, the Auglaize County Historical Society collects, preserves, interprets, and shares the history of Auglaize County, enriching lives by connecting people and communities to the past and to each other.

For more information about this event or the Auglaize County Historical Society, please contact or 419-738-9328. The Auglaize County Historical Society is also on Facebook. photo.