Wapak to screen ‘Apollo 13’

WAPAKONETA — The 2019 Committee, planning events in Wapakoneta to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its native son Neil Armstrong’s landing on the moon in 1969, has announced that the Monday Moon Movie for September will be “Apollo 13.”

It will be screened Monday, Sept. 17, at 7 p.m., in the Wapa Theatre, along Willipie Street in Wapakoneta. The free screening is open to the public; the theatre’s concession stand will be open for purchases during the film.

“Apollo 13” is a 1995 American space docudrama directed by Ron Howard. It features Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton, Gary Sinise and Ed Harris. The film depicts astronauts Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert and Fred Haise aboard Apollo 13 for America’s third moon landing mission. An on-board explosion deprives the spacecraft of most of its oxygen supply and electric power, forcing NASA’s flight controllers to abandon the moon landing and turning the mission into a struggle to get the men home safely.

“Apollo 13” was nominated for nine Academy Awards, including Best Picture. It won for Best Film Editing and Best Sound. The film grossed more than $355 million worldwide during its theatrical releases.