Kettlersville storm drains in need of repair

KETTLERSVILLE — Representatives of the Ohio Department of Transportation, Tony Brown and Duane Byers, attended the Village of Kettlersville Council meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 7, to discuss issues regarding collapsed storm drains within the village.

Brown and Byers informed council that the village is responsible for the collapsed storm drains, within the village limits, on state Route 274.

Due to the collapsed storm drains, state Route 274 will be paved 30 feet wide, and not paved up to curbs to avoid collapsed storm drains.

Mayor Eric Kaminsky is set to obtain contact information from ODOT for companies who can perform this work and also information on securing grants to fund the project.

Council President John Shumate will acquire an estimate for future repair of the collapsed storm drains.

In other news, “Fire Truck Entrance” and “No Parking” signs have been installed on state Route 274 by ODOT, and basketball nets have been installed at the park.

It was reported that Kaminsky has contacted Sunrise Cooperative regarding the Williamson property, which needs asphalt repaired. No response had been received from Sunrise prior to the meeting.

Council discussed who is responsible for this issue and a quote was obtained to cover the repaving. Kaminsky is to submit a letter to Williamson with updates on this issue.

A motion was carried to approve the financial report for July, including expenses totaling $9,472.45 and receipts totaling $2,263.78.