Real estate transfers

SIDNEY – The following are real estate transfers that took place recently in Shelby County. Listed is who sold the property to whom, where the property is located, and the price it was sold for. Additional information can be found on the Shelby County Auditors Office website, at


Five B Farms LLC to Matthew Bensman, 12651 Lochard Road, $49,390.


Jonathan Boyer to Debra Boyer trustee, two lots at 14572 Lock Two Road, no amount.

Fort Loramie

Kay Broughman to Russ Barhorst, 66 S. Main St., no amount.

Buckeye Partners Investments to BK Point Properties LLC, 10 W. Park St., $159,680.

Jackson Center

Touch of Country Development Co. to Shaun Bensman, .021 acres on Oak Street, $3,000.

U.S. Bank to Mary E. Boyer, three lots; Snider and Wones Roads, no amount.


Thomas Grilliot to Alex Berning, 1.09 acres on state Route 29, $37,000.

Stanley Shuster to Lucinda Bowman et al, 8722 state Route 274, no amount.


Charles Rudy to Bryant Bensman, 19940 state Route 47, $245,500.


E. Coleman to Gregory Barhorst, 12244 Short Drive Unit 11, $185,000.


Leonard Monnin to Kathryn Bensman trustee, 353 Perin Road, no amount.


Phyllis Albaugh to Brenda K. Wyen et al, 418 S. Wagner Ave., no amount.

Marie Holthaus to Karen A. Anthony et al, 26 Elm St., no amount.

ETT Investments Inc. to Ian Baker, 1060 Winter Ridge Drive, $236,000.

Ohio Living Co. to Evan Bartow, 2533 N. Main Ave., $144,500.

Habitat for Humanity to Kelly Beemer, 524 Second Ave., $106,000.

Brutice Bowling to Cathy J. Beigel trustee, 3674 Millcreek Road, no amount.

Ann M. Hughes to Darrel Bender, 808 Broadway Ave., $3,500.

Amy Young to Gary Bockrath, 408 Cherry St., lot 1911, $134,500.

Amy Young to Gary Bockrath, Cherry Street lot 1910, $1,345.

Nitaben Patel to Donald Boerger, 1170 St. Clair Drive, $374,500.

Amy Roe to Patrick Dunlevy, 2517 Oakmont Court, $163,000.

Jean Todd to Jarrett Brulport, 557 Grene Lefe Court, $135,000.

Scot Ocke to Patricia Shroyer, 201 Mercury Court, $126,000.

Roy Asbury Jr. to Sherri L. Ward, 445 Apollo St., $57,500.

Jeffrey Shurts to Sara J. Carr, 104 E. Lyndhurst, $128,000.

Karen Davidson to Francine Clegg, 1702 N. Main Ave., $130,000.

John Graham to Good Samaritan Home Inc., 516 N. Ohio Ave., $115,000.

Danny Miller to John Walter, 219 Maple St., $54,000.

Henman Investments to Richard Crosson, 1960 Fair Oaks Drive, $92,000.

Dorothy Cook to TDK Investments, 1867 Fair Oaks Drive, $53,000.

Laura Henning to Brian Fogt, 727 Sixth Ave., $96,900.

William Hamm to VBP Rentals, 516 Second Ave., $38,500.

Sue Jones to Jamie Coy, 231 Cherokee Drive, $169,900.

Mary Leonard to Serrette Jones, 312 Hall Ave., $120,000.

Jacqueline Carey to Robert Holloway, 405 S. Wagner Ave., $91,000.

Ndeye Henry to Nicole Subler, 718 Taft St., $115,000.

Jeremy Burke to Marvin Crim, 701 Taft St., $30,000.

Ronald Didier to Ditech Financial, 525 Rauth St., $46,000.

William Foust to Rodney Malott, 232 S. West Ave., $18,000.

Jeffrey McAtee to William Frey, 598 Chestnut Ave., $110,000.

Todd West to Whitney Hurley, 519 S. Franklin Ave., $80,500.

Lois Henninger to Jason Hicks, 519 Campbell Road, no amount.

Executor of Francis Copeland to Jace Stewart, 804 S. Walnut Ave., $92,000.

Daniel Doyle to Jennifer Doyle, 2256 N. Broadway Ave., no amount.

Compiled by Aimee Hancock.

Compiled by Aimee Hancock.