Real estate transfers

SIDNEY – The following are real estate transfers that took place recently in Shelby County. Listed is who sold the property to whom, where the property is located, and the price it was sold for. Additional information can be found on the Shelby County Auditors Officewebsite, at


Christopher Napier to Richard Crain, 3520 Tawawa-Maplewood Road, $69,500.

Robert and Sally Couchman to Keith and Heidi Crouse, 1101 Hawthorne Drive, no amount.

Darrell Henthorn Jr. to Larry and Claudie Davidson, 11055 Lochard Road, $122,765.

Chad and Penny Roe to Deborah and Melvin Egbert, 10101 Scott Road, $250,000.

Jason Viapiano to Rickey and Rebecca Ewing, 3034 Summer Field Trail, $324,000.

Martha Hughes to Cheryl Fendert, 148 N. Brooklyn Ave., $45,000.

John and Kathleen Graham to Good Samaritan Home Inc., 516 N. Ohio Ave., $115,000.

Andy Bolinger to Larry Greer, 12663 Sharp Road, $370,000.

Scott Lamma to Nathan Hensley, 108 Overland Drive, $117,900.

Lois Henninger to Jason Hicks, 519 Campbell Road, no amount.

Jacqueline Carey to Robert and Paige Holloway, 405 S. Wagner Ave., $91,000.

John Bricker to Jonell and Daniel Homer, 1740 Port Jefferson Road, $291,000.

Todd West to Whitney Hurley, 519 S. Franklin Ave., $80,500.

Matthew Goffena successor trustee to Melissa Jock, 1143 Fairmont Drive, no amount.

Timothy Jones to Greg Jones, 1049 Riverside Drive, no amount.

Mary Leonard to Serrette Jones, 312 Hall Ave., $120,000.

Catherine Ashton to JPMorgan Chase Bank, 734 E. Court St., $34,000.

Mutual Federal to KARSS Group LLC, Fielding Road lot, $54,500.

Jeffrey Cisco to L & J Property, 3620 state Route 47, $166,376.

Carl Stallard to David Lodge, 1156 Huron Court, $32,500.

William Foust to Rodney Malott, 323 S. West Ave., $18,000.

Jennifer Douglas to Donald and Kathleen O’Quinn, 2863 River Road, no amount.


Nancy Wood trustee to Bryan Drees, 1266 state Route 47, $148,000.

Brent and Elizabeth Schulze to Nicolas and Stephanie Fullenkamp, 1701 Fessler-Buxton Road, $180,000.

James and Trudy Goubeaux to Seth and Jena Meyer, 600 Fessler-Buxton Road, $182,000.

William and Elizabeth to Kenneth W. Sr. and Connie Niederbrach, 4288 Rangeline Road, no amount.

Drapp Investments Ltd. to Daniel and Bonnie Paulus, 4376 Rangeline Road, $52,005.


Webster Family Partnership to Paul Dues, 14695 Schmitmeyer-Baker Road, $197,000.

Gerald Smith to James and Trudy Goubeaux, 13342 Luthman Road, $200,000.

Fort Loramie

Charlene Gaier to Paul Gaier, 7650 Dawson Road, no amount.

Jackson Center

Wesley Jones to Andrew and Emily Gill, 405 S. Main St., $159,900.

Ryan Woolley to Scott Holthaus, 213 Robb Ave., $139,000.

William Dodds to Richard Lane, 214 Robb St., $126,900.


Jeremy Kipp to Collin Habel, 8322 state Route 274, $195,000.

Jessica Edwards to John Nunnally, 404 Millette Ave., $105,000.


Kaleb Schaub to Ross Kohler, 415 W. South St., $120,500.

Compiled by Aimee Hancock.

Compiled by Aimee Hancock.