JC Council OKs generator

By Matt Clayton - For the Sidney Daily News

JACKSON CENTER — In their first meeting of 2019, Jackson Center Council elected Councilman Ken Gloyeske to serve as Pro Tempore for the year, 2019.

Gloyeske will supervise future council meetings in the event Mayor Scott Klopfenstein is unable to attend. Gloyeske has held the position for several years and was unanimously approved again by the other council members in a special election that takes place annually at the first meeting. Council also approved the listing of the various council committees for the year 2019.

In old business, Council amended Ordinance 2018-040 from the previous year to reflect the actual increase in electrical rates to $12.50 for 2019. Prior to the amendment, the ordinance indicated in error the increase would be $12.

In other old business, Council amended Ordinance 2018-42 to re-identify the ordinance as 2018-43. The number initially assigned was accidently used twice and needed to be corrected so as not to cause confusion in the future.

In new business, council passed Ordinance 2019-001 authorizing certain adjustments to the 2019 Annual Appropriations of Public Funds for the Village of Jackson Center. The ordinance specifically identifies the appropriation of $50,254.80 for the purchase of a new emergency generator for the water plant. The generator will be used in the event of an emergency and for peak power usage “shaving” during times of extremely high electrical use in the summer, which will keep the demand figures lower, resulting in lower electrical bills for consumers in the village.

“This designation is necessary to comply with state of Ohio regulations that require specific designation of funding figures for future audits,” said Village Administrator Bruce Metz.

In committee reports, Councilwoman Leisha Elchert, head of the Safety Committee, reported the fire department made 58 runs for the year 2018 and that Fire Chief Jerry Davis indicated ongoing efforts to keep the department’s equipment up to date and in compliance were on track for 2019.

In departmental reports, Zoning Officer and Economic Development Director Ed Maxwell reported that with the help of village Fiscal Officer Bev Wren, he had compiled a list of the building permits in a computer file summarizing all information back to the year 2000.

“This will make the information readily available when a need arises to go back for reference or research,” Maxwell said. Maxwell specifically thanked Wren for her assistance in putting the file together, noting her expertise made the process go well. When asked by Metz to predict how many new housing permits would be issued for 2019, Maxwell declined to speculate but noted there has been steady growth in the community since 2000 and indicated he would not be surprised to see a lot more new growth in 2019, especially considering the expansion of Airstream Trailers Inc. and the construction of a new $400 million dollar manufacturing facility.

In his administrator’s report, Metz outlined a number of normal village departmental operations as well as reporting on the progress of several projects like the Airstream electrical expansion and advancements in the new electrical substation on Jerry Drive.

“2018 was a very productive year, and we are off to a great start for 2019. Things are going well on a number of ongoing projects, and we have been busy with training and other updates to keep us in line with the necessary changes that come with growth,” Metz said.

Klopfenstein commended the village council and staff for a job well done and expressed his confidence in meeting the challenges that will come in the future.

“I just want to again thank everyone for a job well done, the growth and progress realized here is a reflection of a lot of great people doing a great job for our residents and community; 2018 was a great year and we expect the same for 2019. Thanks to each and every one of you here for all you do and thanks to all those who live, work or conduct business in Jackson Center and contribute in a positive manner in any way to make this a better place to be. A growing community is a reflection of those who made it that way. Thank you,” he said.

With no further business the council adjourned and will meet next in the council chambers at 7 p.m., Jan. 28.

By Matt Clayton

For the Sidney Daily News

The writer is a regular contibutor to the Sidney Daily News.

The writer is a regular contibutor to the Sidney Daily News.