Houston Community Association plans dinners

The Houston Community Association welcomed 32 people to its recent dinner meeting.

The Houston High School Jazz Band under David Reister’s direction played several songs while those in attendance ate dinner. Several reports were read during the meeting. Jack Curl was nominated as a new trustee for the next three years. He will join Phil Cozad, Patty Cotterman, Trisha Curl, Dianne Francis and Allen Francis. There are openings for four more trustees.

President Phil Cozad discussed the fundraiser dinners planned throughout the year and the food booth at the Shelby County fair. The next fundraiser dinner will be the annual noodle dinner, March 10 from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The organization is looking for someone to chair the committee for the dinner. To volunteer, contact a trustee or attend a meeting, March 6.

The chairmanship of the fair food booth is also open. This is a paid position and people who like to plan large events are encouraged to contact a trustee or attend the March 6 meeting.

The next Pizza Friday is March 1 from 5 to 9 p.m. People can call ahead to have pizzas ready to eat when they arrive or for carry out. The number to order is 295-3598.

Door prizes were donated by local businesses and passed out to those in attendance.

During the organizational meeting following the dinner, Patty Cotterman was elected president and Phil Cozad was elected vice president for 2019.

Bid packets are ready for the following positions: rental agent, janitor, lawn maintenance and snow removal. If anyone in the community is interested in any of these positions, contact a trustee or attend the March 6 meeting to get a packet.

To rent the building, call 937-638-6238.