Village of Anna experiences upgrades, future expansion on horizon

ANNA — The village of Anna has confirmed it will be expanding their water and sanitary sewer lines to the east side of Interstate 75.

With the utility expansion, services will be available in 2019. The village contracted with Poggemeyer Design Group to engineer the project and plan for future industrial and/or commercial growth. The utility expansion under I-75 has a functioning completion date of May 30, 2019, and a final completion date of June 30, 2019. Members of the Village Council are excited to see what this project will bring to the community.

Fiscal officer Stacy Meyer has submitted the following report:

Sidewalk improvements and installations have continued in 2018, with E. Main Street and N. and S. Pike Street being completed. The Village looks to expand on the sidewalk program in 2019, with E. Walnut and Linden Street being the target. Safety for those walking is a priority and the stoplight intersection at Walnut and Pike Streets will also be upgraded to include crossing signals.

The Village’s Phase II of the Young Street Reconstruction project was completed in 2018. All of Young Street now has new water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer lines in addition to curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and the roadway being replaced. Next on the road reconstruction agenda is South Street, which will conclude the replacement of the old/original water and sanitary sewer lines in the village. There will be additional roadways seeing improvements during 2019.

The Anna Civic Association came to the village with a generous proposal; we want to donate a Splash Pad to the Village Park. Through the detailed planning with the Civic Association, Village Administration and Gossman Pools, a vision has been put on paper and a plan is in place. The Civic Association has been given the green light to begin fundraising for the project. The Anna Park, with the extraordinary donation from the Civic Association, would be one of the first communities in the County to provide this type of family entertainment.

When talking about the Anna Village Park, it has been the target for other donations and grants in 2018 and 2019. A grant for musical play equipment through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) was discovered in August 2018 and completed in time for the unveiling at the Fall Harvest-fest at the park in October. The musical instruments are a nice addition to the Children’s Garden area. Through another donation from a resident, a dog park ‘Rover’s Run’, is set to be completed in early 2019. A pickleball court was also added to the park, based on user requests.

Within 2018 the village saw various changes, with the retirement of the village administrator. Through the dedicated work from various employees, many projects were accomplished. Moving forward with the new year, members of the Village Council are excited to progress into 2019, with the hiring of Mike Homan as the village administrator.