Minster BOE discusses make-up school days

By Sandy Rose Schwieterman - For the Sidney Daily News

MINSTER — At the Minster Board of Education meeting this month, options such as longer days or extra days at the end of the school year were some of the ideas offered by Brenda Boecke, Minster school district’s superintendent, to make up missed days due to frequent weather delays and cancellations.

At this point, Boecke said there were five missed hours that could be added before April state testing. She added there is a potential for more weather-related delays in the future. She said meeting education hours were also affected by the school year being shortened by the on-going high school renovation.

Although the school district is still within state guidelines, she said making up five contact hours with students and time for teacher preparation was important for student preparedness for state tests coming in April.

Ideas expressed during the discussion phase had the board, as well as teachers in the audience, saying that extending the lengthening of some days would negatively impact those students with after-school jobs and sports activities. One high school teacher said she could eliminate the extra credit activities.

Boecke said that adding days at the end of the school year might have seniors having to attend two more days after graduation.

Boecke said she was meeting with district educator leadership on Thursday to either agree on the best way to add the hours or to work within the limits of a shorter school year.

In other business, the board treasurer Laura Klosterman said she is considering adding additional online payment options on the MySchoolAccount to allow parents to make payments beyond lunch fees. She also said her office is working on food and teacher supply procurement procedures.

K-6 principal Leeanne Keller said Emma Dysert received the second quarter Spirit Stick award on Jan. 25. Emma was honored for using her gift of being ambitious, yet humble, which strengthens the school environment.

Grade seven to 12 principal Dr. Jason Spencer said tests to measure academic progress for grades seven and eight will take place March 12, giving the school another look at how students are progressing and what areas the school needs to address. He said state testing dates are April 9 and 11 for ELA; April 23 and 25 for math; and April 30 for science.

The board also accepted the superintendent’s recommendations to award a limited one-year contract for Josh Clune, director of student services; to Jeff Stueve, as assistant baseball coach; and Abigail Monnin, as assistant softball coach.

The board also agreed to pay $345 for a choir solo ensemble accompanist. One-year 2018/2019 contracts were given to Kelley Hirschfeld and Christine Nerderman as substitute custodians, and Angela Barhorst, Joyce Sherman and Steven Drees as substitute cook’s helpers.

By Sandy Rose Schwieterman

For the Sidney Daily News

The writer is a regular contributor to the Sidney Daily News.

The writer is a regular contributor to the Sidney Daily News.