SIDNEY — The following people filed for marriage licenses in Shelby County during the months of December 2018, January 2019, and Februrary 2019:

• Meghan Bruns, of Fort Loramie, and Robert Pleiman, of Sidney; Dawn Lee and Robert Meeker, both of Sidney; Suesanah Compton and Sarah Price, both of Sidney; Regina Brandewie and Jared Albers, both of Fort Loramie; Joseph Cotterman and Erica Brant, both of Sidney; Sara Howe, of Sidney, and Joshua Schmidt, of Covington; Janea Young and Reece Mabry, both of Jackson Center; Jake Cordonnier and McKenzie Middendorf, both of Fort Loramie; Ronald Davis and Glenna Murphy, both of Sidney; Amanda Holdheide, of Houston, and Reggie Rose, of St. Henry; Rachelle Henthorn, of Anna, and Talmadge Cook Jr., of Springfield, Tennessee; Alissa Meyer, of Russia, and Douglas Eilerman, of Sidney; Michael Gorby Jr. and Tia Gillman, both of Sidney; Cortney Hill and Matthew White, both of Sidney; Jessica Blank and Roger Ball, both of Sidney; Nicole Dunne and Jonathon Asbury, both of Sidney; Charissa Divens and Adam Clutter, both of Sidney; Chase Clark and Amber Knisley, both of Sidney; Daniel Boyd, of South Charleston, and Trisa Engle, of Sidney; Katelyn Turner, of Fort Loramie, and Dustin Wolters, of Minster; Leah Schmiesing and Scott Schneider, both of New Bremen; Leslie Meyer, of Minster, and Ryan Mullen, of Sidney; Robin Trammell, of West Chester, and Donna Banks, of Sidney; Charles Lambert and Susan Benanzer, both of Sidney; Erick Wigdahl and Jill Casto, both of Piqua; Travis Murphy and Ashley Varno, both of Sidney; Tara Luebke, of Fort Loramie, and Troy Kauffman, of Minster; Brian Kohler, of Botkins, and Kayla Oxendale, of Marblehead; Steven Stantz and Gabriella Smith, both of Sidney; Hannah Pratt, of Wapakoneta, and Jordan Paul, of Botkins; and Laana Queen and Bruce Ostendorf, both of Sidney.

The following people filed for divorce in Shelby County during the months of December 2018, January 2019, and Februrary 2019:

• Carolyn Stock v. Brian Stock, Jennifer Monnin v. Steven Monnin, and Steve Monnin v. Jennifer Monnin, Debra Gardner v. Ernest Gardner III, Jerry Beair Sr. v. Candice Beair, Kasey Gigandet v. Brandon Gigandet, Tabatha Cooper v. Cecil Cooper, Joseph Righter III v. Leah Righter, Christel Queener v. Buford Queener, Shelby Petersimes v. Edward Petersimes, Bridget Stettler v. Shawn Stettler, Ryan Steinke v. Brittany Steinke, Dianna Marsteller v. Jeffrey Marsteller, Donna Kimbler v. Jefferson Kimbler, Kelly Copeland Sr. v. Melissa Copeland, Alexis Ramirez v. Victor Ramirez, and Elisa Dresback v. Kimmie Dresback.

The following people filed for dissolution in Shelby County during the months of December 2018, January 2019, and Februrary 2019:

• Charles Wingate and Pamela Wingate, Jessica Haynes and Joshua Haynes, Krista Bernard and Ryan Bernard, Holly Swiger and Phillip Swiger, Amanda Brooks and Jeremy Brooks, Haley Byrd and Jayson Byrd II, Tamara Lovett and Edward Lovett, and Keith Milliner and Brandey Milliner.

Compiled by Aimee Hancock.

Compiled by Aimee Hancock.