Kettlersville Council addresses zoning issues

By Christopher Bulfinch - For the Sidney Daily News

KETTLERSVILLE — The Kettlersville Village Council discussed several topics, including the easements for South and Easy streets rezoning, and the upcoming ditch cleaning project, during its March 5 meeting.

Village records for properties and street limits on South and Easy streets in town were found to be inconsistent with realities on the ground, as the property lines were drawn in many cases more than a century ago. Mortgage companies have in recent years become more exacting in their standards before lending money. To rectify the issue, council unanimously approved a measure to allow Mayor Eric Kaminsky to continue the process of acquiring easements to allow the annexation of an alleyway and rezoning.

A measure passed unanimously to accept platting as given for the Sunrise Property.

Kaminsky had spoken to a contractor about repairing storm drains, and upon following up with the contractor, Kaminsky shared that he had gotten a quote. The project can begin in April, and Kaminsky was “confident we can get that taken care of.”

The village’s mowing contract was renewed at the same prices as 2018, $75 per week.

The cable company that services Kettlersville and the rest of Shelby County is changing its name, though there is no indication that there will be any interruption of service.

A legal notice was posted by the council informing residents that the village’s financial documents were publicly available.

The project dredging and cleaning out a large ditch off of Route 274 will begin on March 21, assuming the committee can successfully get residents to participate. The council has no part in the project except for a $100 contribution.

Large item garbage pickup is scheduled for Saturday, April 6.

A number of signs were damaged in high winds over the last few weeks, and Mayor Kaminsky put in an inquiry to the county engineer about repairing or replacing them, and had not received a response as of the time of the meeting.

By Christopher Bulfinch

For the Sidney Daily News

The writer is a regular contributor to the Sidney Daily News.

The writer is a regular contributor to the Sidney Daily News.