Historical Society sets open house date for Packer Center

ANNA — The Anna Village Council announced during its Feb. 26 meeting that the Anna District Historical Society has set June 23, 2019, as the Packer Historical Center open house.

The center, which was established within a 3,000-square-foot house in Anna, recently underwent a full porch reconstruction.

Justin Radick, one of several interested in the vacant council seat, briefly introduced himself to council during the meeting. The deadline to submit letters of interest for the open seat was Feb. 28. Radick was chosen to fill the position and was set to be sworn in during the council’s March meeting.

Council decided to give the job of installing make-up air units at the waste water treatment plant to Wells Brothers Inc.

According to Administrator Mike Homan, a meeting was held with members of Republic Services and the North Central Ohio Solid Waste District regarding recycling and trash. Homan said Republic is interested in changing the trash pick-up day from Monday to Wednesday, as the company believes it will help with various village pick-up issues.

Republic is also proposing, to all villages included in the contract, to move from 18-gallon recycling bins to 65-gallon carts and every-other-week pick up. The larger carts will have lids to help prevent trash from blowing around.

The cart will have a $0.43 increase on top of the regularly scheduled $0.09 increase, per home per month. This would also include a contract extension of two years.

All villages must agree to terms in order for the changes to be made. No decision was made at the time of the meeting.

Funding has been requested through the Anna Endowment Fund grant. According to Homan, Home Town Hero banners and American flags, at a total of $4,396; Christmas wreaths for Main Street, at $2,753; and funds for the Anna Garden Club, at $500, have been applied for.

An ordinance was passed establishing the zoning districts concerning an estimated 8.328 acres, located at 14262 State Route 119, in Anna.

During recent meetings, council:

• Adopted an ordinance setting permanent appropriations for the Village of Anna for fiscal year 2019.

• Discussed implementing a three-hour minimum pay for callouts outside of normal hours.

• Approved quotes from Fire Chief Bender for turnout gear ($16,763.00) and self-contained breathing apparatus ($16,763.00).

• Appointed council members Laura Lentz-Fogt and Joel Kranenburg to the Volunteer Firefighters Dependents Board.

• Adopted an ordinance enacting the Village of Anna’s credit card policy in accordance with House Bill 312.

• Adopted an ordinance creating the position of water and/or wastewater plant operator for the village and declaring an emergency to do so.

• Approved the purchase of two new mowers (2019 Ferris and 2019 John Deere diesel lawnmower) due to the current mowers being out of warranty. With the current mowers used as trade-ins, the total cost was estimated as $16,855.95.

• Heard from Matt Bensman with the Anna Civic Association and Dave Gossman, who presented the proposed Splash Pad rendition and quote for approval to begin raising the funds for the project.

The Civic Association is also pledging to donate yearly operating and maintenance costs. Heating the water will be an additional cost.

The contract with Gossman Pools will be between Gossman and the Civic Association.

Approval was given to the Civic Association to start raising funds for the proposed Splash Pad in the park, with 100 percent funding prior to construction.