Deadlines announced for Apollo 11 celebration

WAPAKONETA — The 2019 Committee wishes to remind county residents about two Monday, April 1, deadlines for this year’s Apollo 11 Anniversary Celebration.

For the managers and owners of Auglaize County’s independent restaurants, cafes, bakeries, etc., April 1 is the deadline to become part of this year’s Moon Menu Trail, organized by the Grand Lake Region Visitors Center.

Managers and owners are asked to provide Donna Grube, at, or 419-738-1294, with the information about special space-themed offerings this summer, features that will begin as of Memorial Day.

Those contributing listings should note that several submissions have already been named “moon rocks” or “blue moon,” so other phrases might be preferable. The Moon Menu Trail will be heavily promoted for the summer, both to locals and to tourists. So locally-owned restaurants are encouraged not to miss out on an amazing free opportunity to participate in the Apollo 11 anniversary.

The second deadline is for the churches, clubs, fraternal organizations, and all other non-profit organizations of Auglaize County, which are reminded that April 1 is the deadline to submit a registration form for the parade that will be held in Wapakoneta as part of the special 10 days of celebration.

Held at 3 p.m., Sunday, July 14, this parade will follow the same route as the original Homecoming Parade in 1969—from the fairgrounds through downtown. Organizers plan to make this parade the biggest that the community has seen for 50 years.

Its theme will be “First on the Moon,” in keeping with the anniversary motto.

“We have no intention of throwing this parade together at the last minute,” said Rachel Barber, 2019 Committee co-chair. “We know that our county is filled with creative, community-minded folks who will want to honor our own Neil Armstrong, the first human being to walk on the moon.”

Those still in need of registration forms should contact Molly Maxson-Klemenic, at, or visit the First on the Moon Facebook page.

The 2019 Committee’s mission is to develop and implement public programs, events, and legacy efforts that reflect the many themes associated with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon walk, and to ensure that Wapakoneta and Auglaize County are at the forefront of this worldwide commemoration.