JC Council approves donations to Life Center, library

JACKSON CENTER — The Village of Jackson Center Council passed a resolution finalizing the approval of financial donations to the American Club for the Family Life Center and the Jackson Center Memorial Branch Library during its regular meeting on March 25.

The resolution will provide a $2,000 donation to the Life Center for helping to replace the heating air-conditioning system that is outdated and partially inoperable, and $750 to be used for a new LED lighting system to be installed at the library.

In prior council meetings, Village Administrator Bruce Metz reported the heating system at the Life Center was in need of replacement but the total amount of funding needed to do so was not available; Metz suggested the Village of Jackson Center consider helping out with the project as the Life Center is something the whole community could benefit from and that not making the necessary replacement would have negative effects on the structure over time.

He pointed out that losing the Life center would be a detriment to the village and that there was money available in the general fund that had not been ear-marked for other projects that could be used to help with the cost of replacing the antiquated heating and air-conditioning system at the Life Center.

Metz also asked council to consider providing $750 for an LED lighting up-grade at the village library that would provide better lighting at a lower cost. Council and Mayor Scott Klopfenstein were in agreement with the recommendations and the resolution providing funds for both projects received unanimous support.

In new business, council passed an ordinance authorizing certain adjustments in the annual appropriation of public funds. The adjustment was necessary to cover some of the costs associated with the construction of the new electrical substation on Jerry Drive. The new substation will ensure a reliable source of electrical power to the residents and industry in Jackson Center, as well as provide more capacity for future growth.

Construction of the new substation is well under way and expected to be completed by mid-summer.

Council also passed an ordinance accepting changes in the right of way on West Pike Street by owners and developers of the new Airstream Inc. facility being constructed on the village’s west side. The ordinance will allow for reconstruction of a portion of Pike Street along the north side of the new manufacturing facility to ensure a safe and consistent traffic flow in the future.

Plans include widening the road, with turn lanes included, as well as the installation of traffic lights and night lights.

Council passed a resolution authorizing the village administrator to enter into a settlement agreement and mutual release of responsibilities with Kirk Brothers Co.

In 2014, Jackson Center contracted Kirk Brothers to provide covers for the clarifiers at the waste-water treatment plant, however, they never completed the job as agreed upon.

“The contract will be done away with due to non-compliance,” said Metz, who noted, “We started this project way back in 2014 and they just never followed through with their end of the deal, so we will just have to look for a more reliable contractor to do the job.”

Council voted to approve the transfer of a liquor permit from Haas Brothers LLC to Split Decision Catering LLC. Council moved to not request a hearing for the liquor permit transfer, which will streamline the transfer process.

Split Decision, a catering business and café, replaced Haas Brothers Pizza, at 205 W. Pike St., in Jackson Center, and is now open for business, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., Friday and Saturday, closed Sunday.

Metz noted the electrical lines to the new Airstream facility are now complete, the storm water runoff lines are in all the way to Lacal Equipment Inc., and the back-filling is underway.

Metz shared an update on proposed repairs and updates at the village swimming pool, noting the pool will be closed for the summer.

“On a side note, I want to report the grant application for improvements to our municipal swimming pool have been approved for $136,799 and we will be making some much-needed repairs and improvements to our pool; that’s the good news,” he said.

Metz said a portion of the pool will be reconstructed, placing a tapered walk-in instead of ladders for easier entry. Leaks will also be repaired, floors will be resealed, and other improvements will be made, he added.

”Last year alone we lost 1.9 million gallons of water due to leaks in the pool, so addressing that will save us a lot of money in the future,” he said.

Metz added that the closing of the pool for the summer is an unfortunate side effect of completing the necessary upgrades.

“I realize this will be a disappointment for a lot of people, but in the long run it is necessary and will ensure that the pool will be a much better facility for everyone to enjoy, as well as insuring we make the best use of the financial resources used to keep the pool open and operating for years to come,” he said.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be held April 8, at 7 p.m., in the council chambers. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend.