Villages of Quincy, DeGraff to hash out new agreement

QUINCY — The Village of Quincy Council will begin preparation of a new agreement with the Village of DeGraff regarding operation of the Joint Sewer Plant.

During its regular meeting earlier this month, council was informed by Solicitor Steve Fansler of an executive meeting to be scheduled with DeGraff.

The mayors of both villages will be meeting with the solicitors to brainstorm ideas of how to move forward with preparation of the new agreement and what might need to be added on both sides.

A joint meeting of both councils should then be determined to iron out an agreement.

Luke Hemmelgarn, from Choice One Engineering, was present for the meeting and stated that engineering plans for the Jefferson Street water line replacement are complete, with applications ready and being submitted to the railroad.

Hemmelgarn then discussed with council the Revitalization Grant and proposals. It has been determined that the storm drain issue on state Route 235 needs to start at the railroad with damaged lines, clogged lines, and drainage.

Replacement of the line under the railroad will need to be done and drains on both sides of the tracks. It is not certain if this will completely take care of the problem, but it is a start to drain water away from properties and businesses in the area.

The sidewalk project is also ready to begin. Ten trees will need to be taken out on the west side of Miami Street to allow for new five-foot sidewalks to be placed on South Miami Street. This tree removal will begin in the very near future.

Council then reviewed and discussed the location of the sidewalk from the south side of Jefferson Street to Finfrock Park and the path it should follow.

Council determined that June 1, 2019, will be the date set for the annual yard sales. Contingent on availability, the clean-up date will be the following weekend on June 8, 2019. Final plans will be made available as they are prepared.

Council also discussed the new apartments on Canby Street. Tap fees, account numbers, and rental availability is pending notification from the owner.

The Village of Quincy Council will comprise the Asset Management Committee for the Quincy Water Department. The Village of Quincy is preparing the mandated E.P.A. Asset Management Program and a committee to govern the program has been established. This program helps the village to be prepared for emergency, inventory of equipment, financial readiness, and knowledge of how the plant functions.

A discussion was held regarding the billing for non-water users and charges for use of the sewer. The village is reviewing properties where water is disconnected, but use of the sewer is still continuing by way of other water sources, such as bottled water. Legislation and laws need to be reviewed and updated to determine how to handle such matters.

Council gave a reminder that Bikes for Tikes will be in the Village of Quincy, stopping for a break on their route north. On April 13, 2019, they will stop for snacks, rest, and restrooms before moving on.

Churches in the area will provide refreshments, as well as a place for bikers to have a good time interacting with local residents, and for an opportunity to enjoy fellowship within their program.

The Quincy Apostolic Church Easter Egg hunt will take place on April 20, 2019, at the Finfrock Park soccer field. The hunt will start promptly at 12 p.m.

Shut off of delinquent utility users was again reviewed and those that have chosen not to pay their accounts after the notifications will be shut off on April 3, 2019.

Mayor Brian Carpenter stated that issues with unlicensed vehicles on residential properties and traffic violations need to be reported to the Logan County Sheriff’s Department in the future.