Kettlersville Council discusses repair, cleaning projects

By Christopher Bulfinch - For the Sidney Daily News

KETTLERSVILLE — The Kettlersville Village Council discussed major issues, including the South and East Street easements, storm drain repairs, traffic signs, and the ditch cleaning project during its regular monthly meeting earlier this month.

Council considered motions for street sweeping, a new flag, and changes to the village’s recycling schedule.

Village records, not updated in a century or more, delineating property lines on South and East Streets are inconsistent with the current properties’ limits. For the past several months, Mayor Eric Kaminsky and the council have sought to have the area re-surveyed, largely owing to insurance companies’ desire for consistent records before writing policies.

To that end, Kaminsky met with two officials, County Engineer Bob Geuy and Village Solicitor Dan Bensman, to begin the surveying process, as no plan can be implemented without information gleaned by surveying.

Repairs to the village’s storm drains cannot begin until an updated quote is provided to council.

Council accepted a mowing contract with Dickie Lawn Service to maintain Village Park and the grass around the Council Chamber for $75 per week.

A number of road signs around the village were damaged over the winter, and the council accepted a bid from the county engineer to repair them. The cost of the repairs would be covered by the village’s permissive license fee fund.

The cleaning of the drainage ditch is progressing well, according to Kaminsky. The project, which involves cleaning the ditch for the first time since 1989, is being organized and sponsored by property owners in the village.

Council accepted a proposal for village street sweeping to be handled by New Bremen, and approved a motion to buy a new American flag for the village council chambers.

Council also accepted a proposal from Republic Services, which is changing recycling pickup times. Their company will provide 65-gallon cans to replace the current 18-gallon receptacles and will change make pickups once every two weeks instead of once weekly.

Recyclables will no longer have to be separated from regular trash, which will continue to be collected weekly. The council was unsure as to when the change would go into effect.

By Christopher Bulfinch

For the Sidney Daily News

The writer is a regular contributor to the Sidney Daily News.

The writer is a regular contributor to the Sidney Daily News.