Hickman hired as zoning officer

Staff report

QUINCY — A new zoning officer was hired during the Feb. 15 village of Quincy Council meeting.

Pam Hickman was at the meeting to express her interested in the vacant zoning officer position. Hickman has served on the Zoning Board of Appeals for several years and is familiar with how the zoning in the village of Quincy functions.

After discussion, council by unanimous vote approved the appointment of Hickman to the position of Zoning Officer at a rate of $100 per month. She will be investigating the removal of a mobile home and building of a new home at a different location on the property.

The top 25 contributors to the regional income tax agency were presented to the council for their approval. After hearing the presentation, council approved the report.

Fiscal Officer Sandra Ward reorted advertising for an assistant joint sewer plant operator has began. The advertisement is for a 15 hour per week position at $14 per hour. The resumes for this position must be received by March 7, 2016, at 7 p.m.

Council approved registration fee for an upcoming Spring Municipal Civil Law seminar. The expense for this meeting will be shared if it is approved by the other villages Solicitor Steve Fansler represents.

Council entered into an agreement with Bug-A-Boo to provide spraying for mosquitoes during the 2016 season. Each spraying will cost $175 per application. The amount of spraying will be determined by the amount of rain received and the need. Council is asking that all citizens review their property for standing water and areas of high weeds and debris where mosquitoes can breed and help with control of these insects.

A resident has contacted the mayor concerning his water and sewer. He has expressed concern over low pressure and chemicals used in water. The matter was reviewed with the village administrator. It was noted that water pressure has been turned down due to water main breaks in the system.

This happens each time a break occurs and remains that way during the remainder of the winter. However, he noted, the pressure is normal pressure and it is turned up when freeze and thaw ceases. As far as problems in the water testing is done on a regular basis and all results have fallen well within the guide lines from the Ohio EPA. This matter will be reviewed on an individual basis and rates of service are shared by all users and is required by ordinance that everyone within the village be hooked into the system. Those residents that have been added to the Quincy system at homeowners request are then a part of the system and must remain.

In other business, council:

• Learned a new well has been dug and water was found 80 feet down.

• Discussed the railroad access drive and address numbering for properties.

• Learned the sign ups for the Quincy ball season will be held in DeGraff this year. Anyone living in the Village of Quincy interested in playing ball will be held in Quincy if teams are available for play. If a team does not exist in Quincy, Quincy players will be released to play on teams available in DeGraff. Fees that are charged for registration are used for insurance purpose and does not reflect on profits to the Quincy Sports Association. Funds raised by the Quincy Sports Association are earned by what is sold at the concession stand in Quincy and those funds remain in Quincy. Quincy is still in charge of the Finfrock Park and all decisions remain with Quincy Village Council with approval requests by the Quincy Sports Association.

• Reviewed the list of delinquent utility accounts. Several accounts are well within shut off range. By a unanimous vote of Council delinquent accounts were approved for shut off as soon as possible.

Council’s next meeting will be March 1, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. in Council Chambers.

Staff report