SIDNEY — The following people filed for marriage licenses in Shelby County during the month of March 2019:

• Joshua Hoying, of Anna, and Josephine Schlagetter, of Sidney; Donald Shartzer Jr. and Kelly Monnin, both of Piqua; Terry Burden and Jessica Tuttle, both of Jackson Center; Richard Brown and Victoria Singleton, both of Sidney; Rodney Malott and Leatha Schutte, both of Sidney; Damion Phillis, of Ada, and Jacqulynn North, of Sidney; Ashley Fitchpatrick and Shawn Greer, both of Sidney; Mary Friscoe and James Evans Sr., both of Sidney; Ibrahima Watt and Rokhaya Mbengue, both of Sidney; Nicci Morrison and Codie Scholl, both of Sidney; Andrew Slone and Brandi Long, both of Sidney; Andrew Brooks and Samantha Peterson, both of Sidney; Richard Reier and Susan Smith, both of Sidney; Aaron Morris and Gwen Poeppelman, both of Anna; Kimberlee Hensley, of Sidney, and Donald Alexander Jr., of Troy; Allison Woodard and Joshua Divens, both of Sidney; William Current and Betty Kendall, both of Sidney; and Tammie Pitts and Daniel Sharrock, both of Sidney.

The following people filed for divorce in Shelby County during the month of March 2019:

• Katrina Vanhorn v. Jason Vanhorn, Nicholas Wood v. Keesha Wood, Kristie Howard v. Jeffrey Howard, Jeramy Risdon v. Crystal Risdon, Brandon Dankworth v. Crystal Helms, Sammy O’Quinn Jr. v. Cristy O’Quinn, Brooke Alexander v. Cameron Alexander, Melissa Pierce v. Fredrick Pierce, Tammy Kestner v. Paul Kestner, Christi Sherrill v. Gabe Sherrill, Heather Taylor v. James Taylor Jr., Shawna Kirkpatrick v. Jonathan Kirkpatrick, Heather Millette v. Kenneth Millette, and Cheyenne Francis v. Chad Francis.

The following people filed for dissolution in Shelby County during the month of March 2019:

• Krysta Blevins and Kevin Blevins, Nathanael Garrett and Amanda Garrett, Angela Pahssen and Jerrod Pahssen, Gretchen Burns and Robert Burns Sr., Alexiss Bryan and Charles Bryan Jr., Elisa Godinez Galvan and Oziel Godinez Galvan, Robert Greve and Amber Greve, Jeffery Lochard and Stacey Lochard, Bradley Hammer and Tiffany Hammer, Victoria Smith and Ian Smith, Sierra Roark and William Roark, Joseph Steinke and Tonya Steinke, Amanda Uppenkamp and Scott Uppenkamp, Crystal Gerstner and Bret Gerstner, Mark White and Cynthia Redmon, Andrew Whitley and Rebecca Gifford, Kristen Ashworth and Ronald Ashworth, Timothy Smith and Vicki Smith, Le-Ellen Roe and Josh Roe, Philip Rosenbeck and Angela Rosenbeck, and Dana Sherman and Matthew Sherman.

Compiled by Aimee Hancock.

Compiled by Aimee Hancock.