Quincy water line project progresses

QUINCY — Luke Hemmelgarn, of Choice One Engineering, was present for the recent meeting of the Village of Quincy Council to discuss the progress of the Revitalization Grant and Jefferson Street water line project.

Permits to go under the railroad, as part of the project, have been processed are pending approval.

An adjustment will be made to a property on Logan Street due to location of a house and the location of the sidewalk. It was decided that a 4-foot sidewalk may need to be placed in this location while the rest of the sidewalks will be 5 feet.

Brogan Oliver, a coach at Riverside, will be conducting a community project at the Finfrock Park in the Village of Quincy.

The Quincy Council agreed to purchase paint and new guards for the top of the fencing at the ball diamonds. The project will mostly be painting with colors reflecting red, white, and blue on some items and orange and black to represent the original Quincy school.

A binder was prepared and made available for inventory and replacement cost analysis at the Joint Sewer Plant. A work session has been scheduled for June 10, 2019, at 7 p.m., at the Quincy Community Building, to start work on a new Joint Sewer Plant Agreement. Members of both Village of Quincy and Village of DeGraff Councils, both village administrators, and solicitors, as well as the Joint Sewer Plant Operator are requested to attend.

Council discussed tap fees for the new apartments built on Canby Street in the village, as well as the possible construction of three new units. It was noted that a discussion will need to be held regarding the costs involved in getting utilities to the new units.

It was reported that a car show will be held Sept. 14, 2019, at Finfrock Par, to bring awareness and raise funds for Alyssa’s

Breath. More information will become available as it gets closer to the date.

The Village of Quincy will be making contact with property owners that have not mowed grass yet and those with unlicensed cars and debris. A clean-up day will again be held the second Saturday, June 8, 2019, and yard sales in the village will be held June 1, 2019. At that time all properties will be expected to be clear of litter.

Council discussed a reminder that curbs are not to be used as driveways and should not be driven over. This breaks down the curb and prevents the flow of water to storm drains. This also includes mowing grass into the street that flows to drains and causes back-ups during heavy rain.

The fiscal officer discussed with council the changing of utility bills from Direct Energy to Dynegy. The village is no longer under contract with Direct Energy and allows for going with another aggregation provider. Dynegy is contracted with the village and anyone out of contract can join and reduce the electric fees. The process for the nine village accounts have already been submitted.

A discussion was held regarding the replacement of a commercial mower at the Joint Sewer Plant. Lakeview Hardware is being contacted about a new lease.