Edison State leverages grant funding

PIQUA — In 2018, Edison State Community College received $91,000 in short-term technical certificate grant funding from the State of Ohio. Due to increased visibility and the importance of the program, the Ohio Department of Higher Education awarded an additional $50,000 through the partnership grant, Finish for Your Future.

It is with these funds that Edison State has found success in supporting student access and affordability. The grant funding is available to students with demonstrated financial need who are pursuing a short-term technical certificate, which requires less than 30-credit hours and does not qualify for FAFSA or Pell Grant funding.

During a recent Ohio Department of Education site visit, it was announced that Edison State is the highest grantor of funding from this program throughout the State, with the nearest competitor awarding 17 percent less.

“The system our team created was not only lauded by the Ohio Department of Higher Education, but used as a model for all colleges in Ohio at their April conference on short-term technical certificates,” said Dr. Tony Human, Dean of Professional and Technical Programs at Edison State.

Students who have applied for and been accepted into the grant funding program are informed via congratulatory letters. The letter outlines how much grant money has been applied to current courses and how much balance remains to cover future courses.

“We track a student’s progress through the certificate program and award funds as needed to cover approved expenses over several classes rather than just awarding a partial grant. This allows students to use the entire $1,000 spread-out over several classes in the certificate, rather than paying for a single class and not using the remaining money for future classes,” said Human.

The short-term technical grant funding is available for a period of three years to which the college estimates supporting a total of 16 students per year. To date, Edison State has processed 13 applications and awarded nine grants in excess of $5,000 for the spring semester. An additional $9,000 is the projected amount to be awarded for spring late and summer semesters.

All short-term technical certificates at Edison State are industry-recognized and prepare students to enter high-demand job fields. Students may apply to receive grant funding at any time.

For more information about the short-term technical certificates available at Edison State, visit www.edisonohio.edu/programs. For questions, call 937-778-8600.