New Bremen students to join Ambassadors of Music tour

HILLIARD — Several members of the New Bremen High School music program have been nominated for the 2019 Ohio Ambassadors of Music tour.

Students Ian Frey, Hannah James, Sean LaFleur, Mitchell Moeller, Nick Wells, Brianna Wiedemann, and Julia Wilker were nominated based upon their level of musicianship, leadership, and character, and were selected for participation by invitation based on the recommendation of their director.

The New Bremen High School music program is directed by Patricia Ruckman and Ryan Starcher.

Each nominee received a copy of an Ambassador of Good Will proclamation, from Governor Mike DeWine’s office, honoring their selection.

The 2019 Ohio Ambassadors of Music tour is an educational program designed for honor music students to perform and share their musical talents, while gaining cultural enrichment abroad. The tour will include stops in England, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy, and Germany.

This month, over 150 honor student musicians have gathered at Hilliard Davidson High School, in Hilliard, for three days of intensive rehearsals and a performance prior to departing to seven European countries for a 16-day tour.

A pre-tour concert will be held on Sunday, June 16, at 3 p.m., at the high school.

Dr. Bruce Moss, of Bowling Green State University, will serve as music director for the tour. Moss will conduct the Honor Band, and Dr. Richard Schnipke, also of Bowling Green State University, will conduct the honor choir. Brandon Gordon, of Bryan High School, will conduct the honor orchestra.

The tour is designed by Voyageurs International, a Denver-based agency specializing in European music tours for numerous states throughout the country for 49 years.

This is the twelfth such tour in the state of Ohio since 1997.