SIDNEY — The following people filed for marriage licenses in Shelby County during the month of April 2019:

• William Alexander and Joyce Vayo, both of Sidney; Anna Gambill and Scott Ross Jr., both of Sidney; Isaac Kennedy and Marissa Baker, both of Sidney; Michael Martz and Carrie Stott, both of Sidney; Ralph Prall and Tammy Climer, both of Maplewood; Charles Jackson and Linda Hammons, both of Sidney; John Hiles and Jessica Wilson, both of Kettlersville; Jacob Kinney, of Sidney, and Debrah Lamb, of Jackson Center; Jerry Vanhorn and Rachael Swank, both of Sidney; Derrek Mayse and Katherine Everett, both of Sidney; Shana Bower and Brian Scoggin, both of Jackson Center; Levi Shoffner and Kylie Pagliochini, both of Port Jefferson; Rachel Wells and Johnathan Goings, both of Sidney; Zachary Spaulding and Courtney Reed, both of Sidney; Joseph Rayburn and Larissa Liveston, both of Botkins; Jeremy Martin and Jennifer Cramer, both of Sidney; Adam Nagel and Lisa Gregory, both of Jackson Center; Douglas Meyer, of Houston, and Katerri Schmitmeyer, of Versailles; Bailey Price, of Sidney, and George Rogers II, of Smithville; William Stone, of Piqua, and Ashley Lewis, of Sidney; Dylan Gerstner and Lakin Orpurt, both of Botkins; Benjamin Dluski and Jessica Redinbo, both of Sidney; Ashley Stambaugh and Moiryah Overbey, both of Sidney; Nicholas Doseck and Kayla Blankenship, both of Anna; Andrew Trapp and Briana Draving, both of Sidney; Theodore Larger and Amanda Newman, both of Piqua; Quinton Welch, of Piqua, and Athea Brown, of Sidney; Mackenzie Wintrow and Brandon Siegel, both of Houston; Marc Fawcett and Katie Klinger, both of Sidney; Amy Warfield and Carl Lynch, both of Sidney; and James Fogt and June Clutter, both of Sidney.

The following people filed for divorce in Shelby County during the month of April 2019:

• Lisa Greenwood v. Stephen Greenwood, Duane Isaacs v. Tammy Isaacs, Robert Fortner v. Tamara Gribble, Melvin Wilson v. Vicki Cooke Wilson, Kelby Wilson v. Kaci Wilson, Richard Hume v. Natalie Hume, Jill Jolly v. Cory Jolly, and Ronald Voisard v. Judy Voisard.

The following people filed for dissolution in Shelby County during the month of April 2019:

• Johvon Jester and Kenneth Robertson, Zachary McPheron and Sara McPheron, Brendan McBride and Kayla McBride, Danyel Rosenquist-Draving and Amanda Rosenquist-Draving, Nicole Lee and Crystal Lee, Maurice Linn and Robin Linn, Melinda Gehrlich and Levi Gehrlich, and Patrick Craft and Paula Craft.

Compiled by Aimee Hancock.

Compiled by Aimee Hancock.