New Knoxville grads win scholarships

Staff report

NEW KNOXVILLE — The New Knoxville Local Schools recently announced scholarship award-winners in its 2017 graduating class:

Benjamin Lee and Tyler Roediger Memorial Scholarship: $250 to Ashlyn Miller; Deloris Fischbach Memorial: $500 to Jadyn Lauth; Don and Lilian Schrolucke Memorial Scholarship: $250 to Renee Schrolucke; First National Bank Scholarship: $1,000 to Jake Blitch; Grand Lake Health System Family Scholarship: $1,000 to Ashlyn Miller; Minster Bank Scholarship: $1,000 to Kenzie Schroer; New Knoxville/New Bremen Rotary Club-WSU/Lake: $1,000 to Shannon McCabe; New Knoxville/New Bremen Rotary Club-Trade School: $500 to Kayla Jaynes; American Legion Scholarship: $500 each to Brianna Jurosic, Jadyn Lauth and Shannon McCabe.

Also Aufderhaar Memorial Scholarship: $800 to Emily Ott; Deb Heil Memorial Book Scholarship: $200 to Ashley Scott; New Knoxville/Washington Township Fire Department Firefighter Association Scholarship: $250 to Brianna Jurosic and Ashlyn Miller; German Club/Historical Society Scholarship: $500 to Sean Quigley; Tom and Gloria Gabel Memorial Scholarship: $1,000 each to Jadyn Lauth, Brianna Jurosic and Ashlyn Miller; Kathy Howe Scholarship: $500 to Brianna Jurosic; National Honor Society Scholarships: Brianna Jurosic, Emily Ott, Kenzie Schroer and Ashly Scott.

Also New Knoxville Educational Grant: $300 each to Jadyn Lauth, Emily Ott and Ashley Scott; Ranger Athletic Booster Memorial Scholarship: $1,000 each to Kenzie Schroer and Sean Quigley; Sons of the American Legion: $500 to Kayla Jaynes; Dr. Mark Nitschke Scholarship: $400 to Kayla Jaynes; Jim and Nancy Niemeyer Memorial Scholarship: $1,000 to Kenzie Schroer; Chuck and Theresa Rowen Scholarship: $500 each to Jadyn Lauth and Ashley Scott; Davis Family Fund Scholarship: $1,000 each to Tristin Thompson and Jake Blitch; WOEF Scholarship/WSU-Lake Campus: $1,000 to Shannon McCabe.

Staff report