City record

Police Log


-1:12 a.m.: disorderly conduct. Gerald Berger, 48, 522 Heather Way, and Brandon Bowman, 23, 614 Ardiss Place, were arrested for disorderly conduct at 519 Heather Way.

-1:08 a.m.: reckless explosion. Kendra Jarnagin, 21, 519 Heather Way, reported the paint on a vehicle belonging to Gregory Finkenbine, 24, 521 E. North St., was damaged due to fireworks.


-4:57 p.m.: theft. Jeffrey Epley, 42, 632 Second Ave., was arrested for theft after a pack of beef jerky was reported missing from the Family dollar on Wapakoneta Avenue.

-5:34 a.m.: warrant. Cody Hurst, 28, 433 E. Poplar St., was arrested on an active Miami County warrant and charged with driving under the influence during a traffic stop.

-1:18 a.m.: found property, criminal damaging. Police recovered a pink and white Huffy bike and a bike with rear pegs at 12 Tawawa Drive, and found a broken plexiglass window.


-9:55 p.m.: found property. A black 20-inch Next bicycle was turned into police.

-3:50 p.m.: criminal simulation. Matthew Schlosser, 37, Elida, reported counterfeit money at the Speedway on Michigan Street.

-10:55 a.m.: probation violation. Krista Elliott, 24, 232 E. Poplar St., was arrested after she violated her probation by running from probation officers.

-10:24 a.m.: warrant. Ralph Turner, 30, 602 N. Wagner Road, was arrested on a contempt bench warrant at 110 W. Court St.


-6:54 p.m.: criminal damaging. Michael Lescowitch, 64, 614 N. Miami Ave., reported damage to the gas tank on his motorcycle at his residence.

-6:41 p.m.: theft. Dakia Welch, 27, 827 Arrowhead Drive, reported the theft and use of her debit card.

June 28

-11:59 p.m.: criminal damaging. Paula George, 217 E. Edgewood St., reported that the windshield and driver’s side passenger window trim on her son’s vehicle was damaged over the weekend while parked at her residence. George’s son is Hugh Roach, 35, 504 Urban Ave.


Tammy Farris, 56, 827 Arrowhead Drive, Apt. J, was cited for right of way on a private drive at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, following a two car crash. Farris was exiting the Marathon gas station to go southbound onto Riverside Drive,causing another vehicle to swerve. Farris hit the other vehicle’s passenger side.

The other vehicle was driven by James Abbott, 73, 724 Riverside Drive.

• Nicholas Tucker, 30, 237 Hillcrest Court, was cited for improper lane change after a crash at 2:54 p.m. on Monday. Tucker was travelling eastbound on Michigan Street near Stolle Avenue and attempted to move into the right lane when he struck another vehicle also travelling eastbound on Michigan Street.

The other vehicle was driven by Katherine Bodiker, 18, 302 W. Parkwood St.

• Kimberly Stewart, 50, 728 Lynn St., was cited for improper backing on Friday at 8:09 a.m. following a two-car crash on Wagner Avenue. Stewart was backing out of a private driveway across from 500 S. Wagner Ave., when she backed into another vehicle.

The other vehicle was owned by Lawrence Wackler, unknown, 728 Lynn St.

Fire, rescue


-1:43 p.m.: alarm. Firefighters responded to a false fire alarm.

-12:43 to 1:48 p.m.: medical. Medics responded to eight medical calls, two were false alarms.


-2:03 a.m.: alarm. Firefighters responded to a faulty smoke detector.

-1:51 p.m.: gas. Medics and firefighters responded to a possible gas leak.

-2:59 p.m.: fireworks. Firefighters were placed on standby for fireworks.

-8:44 p.m.: gas. Crews responded to a possible gas leak.

-1:59 to 8 p.m.: medical. Medics responded to six calls.


-7:47 a.m.: good intent. Crews responded to a good intent call.

-3:44 p.m.: alarm. Firefighters responded to an accidental smoke detector activation.

-8:13 p.m.: rescue. Rescue workers responded to a call but found no incident.

-8:15 a.m. to 10:51 p.m.: medical. Medics responded to nine calls.


-1:55 p.m.: mutual aid. Medics responded to a river rescue in Lockington.

-9:30 a.m. to 10:04 p.m.: medical. Medics responded to seven medical calls.

Compiled by Heather Willard.

Compiled by Heather Willard.