Garden club names show winners

Staff report

VERSAILLES — The Versailles Garden Club has announced the following as winners in the 2017 Poultry Days flower show:

Roses: Hybrid tea: Yellow class: Alan Monnin for Tahitian Sunset, Oregold, Princess Charlene of Monaco; Leona Monnin for Oregold.

Pink class, Alan Monnin for Paul Prebast, Miranda Lambert, Pink Promise, Miss American Beauty; and Leona Monnin for Miranda Lambert. Reds: Alan Monnin for Liebenzauber and Proud Land; Leona Monnin for Proud Land.

Orange: Alan Monnin for Smokin’ Hot.

Blown rose (specimen being shown past top bloom stage): Alan Monnin for Chicago Peace.

Floribunda: Alan Monnin for Katsup & Mustard and Hot Cocoa, Pretty Lady, Mandarin Sunblaze; Barb Bohman for Bros. Grim; Ray Rayburg for Mandarin Sunblaze; Leona Monnin for Mandarin Sunblaze.

Grandiflora: Barb Bohman for Strike It Rich; Alan Monnin for Dreams Come True; Brenda Kriner for Strike It Rich.

Miniatures: Barb Bohman for Texas, Irresistable, Daddy’s Little Girl, Blusing Male, Diamond Anniversary and Diamond Eyes; Brenda Kriner for Diamond Eyes, Diamond Anniversary and Cupcake.

The old English: Barb Bohman for Wm. Shakespeare 2000, Munteen Wood, the Pilgram, Lady of Shalot and Susan Williams Ellis.

Any other variety: Barb Bohman for Bonica and White Meidlane; Alan Monnin for Lady of Shalot; Leona Monnin for Lady of Shalot.

Perennials: Spike class: Leona Monnin for Red Senstemon, Maltese Cross; Judy Shappie for Southern Comfort.

Round flowers: Judy Shappie for coneflower Ruby Star and Cheyenne Spirit.

Iris class: Leona Monnin for Night to Remember, Black Tie Affair and Gamecock; Alan Monnin for Ice Cream Treat, Yaquina Blue and Gamecock.

Peony flowers: Alan Monnin for Bartzella, Red Charm, Coral Charm, Scarlet O’Hara, Monsiuer Jules Elie, Raspberry Sundae, Princess Margaret and Sarah Bernhardt; Leona Monnin for Princess Margaret, Sarah Bernhardt, Raspberry Sundae, Lady Orchid, Monseiur Jules Elie, Scarlet O’Hara, Coral Charm, Red Charm and Bartzella; Ray Rayburg for Bartzella, Red Charm, Coral Charm, and Scarlet O’Hara.

Lily classes: Betty McEldowney for Winehurst, Sunset, and Little One; Susan Ballinger for Little One, Sunset and Autumn; Charles McEldowney for Sunset; Alan Monnin for Tiny Dessert and Tiny Diamond; Leona Monnin for Tiny Diamond.

Other entrants placing in classes were Austin Pierron, Wyatt Fleck, John Peters, Ruth Peters, Ron Mescher, Karen Mescher, Bev Garrison, Carol Simons, Allison Pierron, Ruth Pierron, Christina Brockschmidt, Anita Knapke and Hattie Knapke.

Staff report