Phone scam alert

Staff report

SIDNEY — The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office received a call Wednesday regarding an attempted scam.

The scammers are cloning numbers of Shelby County residents. When the scammers make a call, the receiver’s phone will show a known number and name. The scammers are using a computer application, which allows them to enter a number that is consistent with the area they’re calling.

When the person who alerted the sheriff’s office received such a call, he thought a person he knew was calling. When he answered, it was a recording with a female voice saying he had received a discount on a time-share due to recently staying at a resort.

When these calls are answered, scammers will try to solicit money for a time-share that does not exist. If a call is received from a familiar number and is instead a recording, the sheriff’s office advises residents to hang up and not provide any personal information or bank information.

Scammers are always coming up with new tactics. Report any suspicious activity to the sheriff’s office at 498-1111 or to the local law enforcement agency.

Staff report