Kettlersville Council continues village maintenance

Staff report

KETTLERSVILLE — Kettlersville Village Council met in regular session on July 11 and discussed maintenance and finances.

In finances, the council approved the transfer of $1,416.25 from snow removal to street main/repair. Payment of the bills was also approved, with expenses amounting to $3,046.57 and receipts amounting to $2,079.78.

Deputy Schaffner presented information about June patrol details and will follow up with the department on resident parking on sidewalks.

Almost all of the curbs have been painted, and all that is left is to install a flag pole, add solar lights to the flag pole, install street signs and posts and repair the downspout on council chambers. The speed limit will be set at 35 mph. Asphalt systems finished sealing the streets, and John Shumate will follow up with Freisthler Paving to have gravel installed on South Street.

An ordinance to prohibit medical marijuana within the village of Kettlersville was read and approved by council. A copy of it will be given to the Sheriff’s Office.

No action was taken on five tabled items: banners for State Route 274, removal of the bell from old council chambers, the sidewalk easement to park, the council chamber sign installation and the flag pole installation.

Ted Heckman informed council that he plans to re-open his restaurant. He has applied for a liquor license and was assured that there would be no issues with council approving it.

In other business, Mayor Eric Kaminsky will be contacting Miami Valley Lighting for clarification on the proposes coverage for Jan. 2018 through Dec. 2022. Rick Maurer informed the council he has issues with a drainage ditch on the west end of the village, and the item was tabled until fall. The alley between State Route 274 and North Street will be a priority for the 2018 paving projects. Kaminsky was appointed treasurer of the Regional Planning Commission.

Kettlersville Village Council meets the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m.

Staff report