Real estate transfers

SIDNEY – The following are real estate transfers that recently took place in Shelby County. Listed is who sold the property to whom, the street the property where the property is located and the price it was sold for. Additional information can be found on the Shelby County Auditors Office website,


David Johnson to Bevan and Elizabeth Gill, 420 Mill St., $97,000.

Tred Properties to Jeffrey and Robyn Smith, 104 Timber Trail, $275,000.

Fort Loramie

Mitchel Ahlers to Antony and Masideth Billing, 34 Greenback Road, $162,000.

Jackson Center

Dale Dunevant to Rebecca Fitzgerald, 413 E. College St., $64,500.

Habitat for Humanity to Kara Mullen, 107 Birch St., $96,000.

Port Jefferson

Chasse Jones to Terry and Stacey Ludwig, 321 E. Main St., $35,500.


Wesley and Chandra Goubeaux to Christopher and Amy Traxler, 108 S. Liberty St., $212,400.


Mukand Brar to Trev Investments, 579 Foxcross Drive, $145,000.

Brandon and Ashley Ellis to Gregory and Elaine Frey, 709 W. Parkwood St., $149,000.

Mark and Lynn Hoffman to Ronald and Melody Routzahn, 431 Bowman Drive, $161,000.

James and Peggy Risk to Judith Harp, 116 Freedom Court, $114,500.

Ronald and Carolyn Legg to John Freytag, 2358 Aldrin Drive, $109,126.

Judith Kolhoff to John and COnnie Rodeheffer, 135 W. Parkwood St., $110,000.

Genevieve Schroer to Brandon and Jacquelyn WArd, 402 N. Miami Ave., $7,000.

John and Steven Omlor to Diana and Steven Omlor, 1557 Cedarbrook Place, $60,000.

Hugh Thomas to Andrew Slone, 1244 Taft St., $100,000.

Janet Strome to Richard Penny and Richard Penny Jr., 311 S. Wagner Ave., $98,900.

Herbert Hoying to Marissa Clark and Eric Dukes, 508 Urban Ave., $130,000.

Cassie Kinell to Pingora Loan Servicing Llc., 801 Fair Road, $42,000.

Clinton Township

Mukand Brar to Trev Investments Llc., 579 Foxcross Drive, $145,000.

Turtle Creek Township

Jonathon Siegrist to Darren Gephart, 10509 Patterson-Halpin Road, $154,000.

Kennedy E. D. and Patsy C. Trustees to Karmel Grieshop, 10071 Cisco Road, $90,000.

Dennis Moeller to Charles and Margaret Wray, 7460 Patterson-Halpin Road, $140,000.

Salem Township

Nichole Ellis to Alexandra Bolin, 12051 Wones Road, $140,000.

Fifth Third Bank to Jeremy Barnett, 1081 Lochard Road, $144,500.

Orange Township

Harvey Wooddell and Jean Almeda to John and Rebecca Kenton, 3685 county Road 25A, $330,000.

Stephen and Cathy Pencil to Ashley and Tomas Neal Jr., 14181 Miami-Shelby Road, $215,000.

McLean Township

Ronald Platfoot to Daniel Levorchick, 12219 Lee Drive, $40,000.

Thomas Albers to Ryan Albers, 719 Dirksen Road, $185,000.

Compiled by Heather Willard.