Council updated on general store property

KETTLERSVILLE — The August minutes for the Kettlersville Council were approved during its September meeting.

During the August meeting, Mayor Eric Kaminsky told council he had emailed the Western Ohio Development Council for options on the old general store property. He hasn’t heard from the land bank about the property either.

The Shelby County Sewer District contacted Kaminsky about the apartment building’s old septic system which was not abandoned properly. The problem with customers signing a new contract with Republic Trash has been resolved.

Curbs in the village have been painted. Solar lights will be added to the flag pole and the village will be installing the flag pole with a bolt and lock. A 35 mph sign has been installed.

John Shumate will follow up with Freisthler Paving to have gravel installed on South Street. He will also contact MKT Contractor for downspout repair and installation of the village council building sign.

Kaminsky will review the MVL contract and contact them with any questions or clarifications.

No action was taken on the tabled items dealing with banners for state Route 274, removal of the bell from the old council chambers, sidewalk easement to the park, council chamber sign installation and flag pole installation.

Letters will be sent out to several residents in regards to unlicensed vehicles and weed issues.

Council approved transfer of funds and payment of bills.

Staff report