Real estate transfers

SIDNEY – The following are real estate transfers that recently took place in Shelby County. Listed is who sold the property to whom, the street the property where the property is located and the price it was sold for. Additional information can be found on the Shelby County Auditors Office website,


Daniel and Lindsey Riethman to Gregory and Gina Marquis, 503 Apple Ave., $192,000.

Lisa Shiflett to Libby Brinkman, 204 N. Linden St., $139,901.

Joyce Cornell to Ashley and Sandra Wilt, 205 E. North St., $85,500.

Lindsey and Bart Spangler to Holly and Wesley Nienberg, 208 Diamond Drive, $190,000.


Theresa Schipper to James and Emily Schipper, 108 E. Walnut St., $117,000.

Auglaize Farmers Cooperative to Anita and David Uetrecht, Rear State Street, $20,000.

Jane Elliott to Richard and Christy English, 321 S. Main St., $127,000.

Jackson Center

Bethany Huber to Airstream Inc., 405 N. Main St., $67,500.

Laura and Brad Platfoot to Perry Lane, 212 Robb St., $72,000.


Keith Phillips to Cory Bergman, 8900 State Route 274, $75,500.


Theodore Reinhard to Kurt Niekamp, 578 Foxcross Drive, $163,000.

Bryan and Florence Newberg to Sara Allinger, 613 W. Parkwood St., $150,000.

Rebecca and David Wilson to Jesus Duenas Jr. and Laura Rodriguez de Duenas, 500 Bowman Drive, $129,000.

Chad and Kathleen Spillers to Stacey Goffena, 200 Ironwood Drive, $147,000.

Penny Elsner to William and Maryanne Blakely, 273 Ironwood Drive, $134,900.

Douglas and Jennifer Barhorst to Robert and Bonita Guillozet, 195 Mercury Court, $130,000.

Kathleen Gaier to Bryan and Florence Newberg, 181 Tranquility Court, $95,000.

Samuel Morris to Barbara Naseman, 109 W. Robinwood St., $118,500.

Eileen Wagner to Matthew and Ashley Krafcik, 325 E. Robinwood St., $135,000.

Rhonda and Richard McGowan to Albert and Hollyann Page, 414 E. Lyndhurst St., $153,900.

Hi Tower LLC to John and Lizabeth Boerger, 229 Williams St., $144,000.

L & J Property Enterprises LLC to Lisa Beasecker, 403 Summit St., $78,000.

Franklin Township

Mark and Leslie Stowe to David Didier, 11525 Wenger Road, $530,000.

Jeffrey and Kimberly Rose to Donna Russell, 945 Winter Ridge Drive, $158,000.

Kimberly Mitchell, John Lenhart and Sharon Tru to Kimberly Mitchell, St. Wildermuth Road, $67,500.

Loramie Township

Judith and Richard Adams to Zachary Tingley, Rear State Route 66, $85,000.

Regina Hoying Trustee to Michael and Maria York, 3666 Russia Road, $715,000.

McLean Township

Brooke Cook to Matthew Biederman, 12072 Brugeman Ave., $68,000.

State Osgood to Donald Francis, 12071 Thelma Drive, $60,000.

Nicholas and Brandi Schindler to Dane and Heather Sommer, 5025 Hunters Trail, $385,000.

Orange Township

Marvin and Patty Magoto to Bronzy Hall, 1222 River Road, $155,000.

Linda Lawson to Rodney Blake, 12596 Kirkwood Road, $47,000.

Dale Braun to Jeffrey and Doretta McAtee, 2700 Miami River Road, $125,500.

Perry Township

Richard and Debora Defibaugh to David and Sarah Carey, 20877 Leonard St. and 6557 Main St., $55,000.

JP Kamp Investment to John and Andrea Ziegler, 5654 Knoop Johnston Road, $169,900.

Michael and Mary Holthaus to Julia Bruns, 1921 Dingman Slagle Road, $164,000.

Duane Platfoot to Thomas and Jill Finkenbine, Sidney Freyburg Road, $32,000.

Garry and Patricia Williams to Danny and Deanna Gates, 18488 Herring Road, $17,000.

Nathan Brunk to Dana Albright, 21643 Maplewood Road, $83,900.

Stephen and Cheryl Corthell to Leonard and Doreen Larson, 16800 Sharp Road, $370,000.

Travis and Staci Davidson to Samuel and Jessica Morris, 17651 State Route 47, $184,900.

Joshua Koons to Tyler Shinall, 11968 Arling Road, $107,500.

Matthew and Gwen Eilerman to Joshua and Nichole Koons, 7517 Hoying Road and 11968 Arling Road, $140,000.

Van Buren Township

Lois and Joe Davis to Jeremy Tuente, 16111 Hardin Wapakoneta Road, $165,000.

Nathan Heitman to Anthony Berning, 9009 Pleiman Road, $170,000.

Bernard Holthaus to Joshua Hoying, 9069 Pleiman Road, $164,000.

Keith Phillips to Cory Bergman, 8900 State Route 274, $75,500.

Ronald Argabrigth to Barbar Hoelscher, 13017 Luthman Road, $48,000.

Washington Township

William Huffman to David and Annette Roeth, Loramie Washington Road, $598,000.

Bank of New York to City of Sidney, 2287 Hardin Wapakoneta Road, $71,900.

Compiled by Heather Willard.

Compiled by Heather Willard.