City to begin leaf collection

Staff report

SIDNEY — Sidney city crews will begin the annual fall leaf collection service, Oct. 30.

City crews will have one truck in each zone of the attached map. Leaf collection is expected to continue until Dec. 8 in all areas. Crews will be collecting leaves on a daily basis, making several rounds through each area. All collection schedules are subject to change due to weather and equipment availability.

All leaves not collected by Dec. 8 must be put into biodegradable bags and placed at the curb during the week of Dec. 11 for yard waste pickup.

Residents are reminded of the following leaf collection guidelines:

• Place all loose leaves on the tree lawn, not the pavement or sidewalk and not in the vicinity of catch basins.

• Ensure all leaf piles are free of garbage and other yard waste items. Brush, branches and large twigs are to be placed in a separate pile conforming to yard waste guidelines.

• Comingled piles of leaves and grass clippings or piles of grass clippings will not be collected.

• Ensure that no loose stone, asphalt or concrete is in leaf pile.

• Contaminated piles of leaves will not be collected.

• Do not park on top of leaf piles. Piles that have been parked on will not be collected.

To check the status of a crew, visit each Friday, once leaf collection begins.

Staff report