UVMC installs new biopsy technology

Staff report

TROY — Upper Valley Medical Center (UVMC) is the first hospital in Ohio to use a new, advanced stereotactic breast biopsy system.

The Hologic Affirm system, installed earlier this summer in the imaging department at UVMC, can be used as a follow-up to an abnormal mammogram when a radiologist has determined a particular area of the breast needs to be biopsied.

“This stereotactic breast biopsy system is terrific new technology for our patients,” said Jacqui Rose, director of imaging, telecommunications and information technology at UVMC.

The new system works much like digital mammography units by offering high quality 3-D images.

“The procedure is less invasive than surgery and allows us to look at small core samples of tissue,” Rose said.

“It can often be difficult to see microcalcifications, which many times this is why we are doing a biopsy. Now, with this new technology, it will be much easier for the radiologist to see those microcalcifications,” she explained. “We can get procedures done more quickly and allow the patient to be in a more comfortable position.”

The new system is designed ergonomically for more comfort of the patient, who lies prone on the stomach for the procedure.

“It is designed to offer the radiologist improved targeting guidance, and the patient a more comfortable experience.” said UVMC radiologist Dr. Wincha Chong. “More cushioning at pressure points is a plus with this new system. Patients on the new table have had no complaints in terms of being comfortable. The patients tolerate this very, very well. This system will certainly help facilitate early diagnosis for the patients which can help in treatment, should that be necessary.”

With the installation of the new system, the procedure room was enlarged to provide a spacious environment for those working with the patient.

In addition to adding the stereotactic breast biopsy unit, the department has enhanced the breast biopsy process with goals of getting patients scheduled for a biopsy and their results to them quicker, Rose said.

Imaging staff works in conjunction with surgeons and primary care physicians to expedite biopsies and help the patient navigate through the entire process more efficiency to reduce anxiety and improve overall outcomes.

“Our goal is to reduce the time from the diagnostic mammography to a biopsy. Getting patients and physicians information quickly enables them to determine the next steps,” Rose said.

For information, call 937-440-4803.

Staff report