DayBreak Adult Day Services name change complete

For the Sidney Daily News

SIDNEY — The Adult Day Services of Shelby County (ADS) is now known as DayBreak Adult Day Services.

“This name change was completed in 2016 and emphasizes the main purpose of the program, to provide a much needed ‘break’ to caregivers and those they care for,” said Robin Burleson, LSW, director. “DayBreak helps the citizens of Shelby County maintain their quality of life and for many their continued independence by enhancing socialization and wellness. DayBreak strives to maintain the health and well-being of our clients both physically and mentally by assessing each person individually to determine their needs and then implement plans to meet those needs. One of the best ways to describe the program is that it is a social program with a medical component.”

Her report continues:

The clients receiving services at DayBreak can be anyone ages 18 and over, most are over the age of 60 and come from a variety of backgrounds. The program is a safe alternative for those that may be home bound otherwise and can benefit from the social stimulation. Since 2013 DayBreak has held a contract with the Veteran’s Administration to provide services to area Veteran’s and in 2016 services to Veteran’s continued to be provided through this collaboration with the Dayton VAMC. Veterans approved under the contract are able to receive services free of charge or for a small co-pay.

DayBreak continues to be a resource that families or caregivers can use to assist them in the care of their loved one. The DayBreak program is a safe environment for individuals to spend the day while their caregiver works, runs errands and simply rests, or takes care of themselves. The DayBreak program continues to provide a cost effective means to maintain a loved one’s independence at home through the sliding scale fee based on income. A conservative estimate of the average cost of privately paying to have a home service visit from an agency is approximately $22 per hour versus the DayBreak cost which averages less than $7 per hour for an 8 hour day.

Therapy services are available, with the therapy department offering physical, occupational and speech therapy. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are served daily. Nursing staff assists in coordinating any needed medical attention and monitoring health needs by monitoring vital signs, blood sugar and assisting with medications. Assistance is provided for those needing help with eating, grooming and hygiene.

DayBreak offers a wide variety of activities that are designed to be both fun and functional. These activities include exercise programs, games, educational programs, entertainment, field trips and shopping just to name a few. In 2016 we were honored to be awarded an appreciation award from Catholic Social Services for many years of partnership with them in providing services to older adults through the Passport program,

Clients are transported door to door daily through a continued partnership with the city of Sidney, Shelby Public Transit. Medical transportation is also provided for those that may have medical appointments during the day of attendance at DayBreak. We operate Monday through Friday and participants can choose the days they wish to attend.

We are often asked about who is right for the program and the best way to determine that is to contact us to arrange a complimentary day where the DayBreak staff can assess the individual, answer questions and offer the opportunity for the individual and their loved one to evaluate the program for themselves. To learn more about the DayBreak Adult Day Service Program contact the center staff or myself at 937-492-8074.

For the Sidney Daily News