Rotary leader speaks to club

Staff report

SIDNEY — Rotary District Governor Mike Kelly talked about the international organization’s goals when he addressed a recent meeting of the Sidney Rotary Club.

The first goal, he said, is to increase the membership of Rotary clubs. Today, there are about 1.2 million members worldwide. Each year, about 100,000 people join the Rotary, but about the same number of people leave the organization each year. Kelly challenged the Sidney club to recruit members of all ages and consider folks regardless of race and gender. The goal for clubs with fewer than 50 members is to increase membership by at least one, and for clubs with 51-100 members, to increase membership by at least two people. He also recommended that club members contact past Rotarians and see if they might be interested in becoming active members again.

The second goal of Rotary International is to raise money at the club level for future needs and projects. The goal has been set at $100 per member of each club.

The third goal is to eradicate polio worldwide. Rotary International has been involved in supporting the eradication of this crippling disease for years. Many people put their lives at risk by going to dangerous countries to give vaccinations. The fight to end this disease is now primarily in Pakistan and Afghanistan. These countries are dangerous, but Rotary International is working to get the vaccine into these countries, Kelly said.

He encouraged the club to share the work it does by using social media, newspaper articles and TV coverage. He also encouraged the club to work with businesses and government agencies on community service projects. He suggested that the Sidney Rotary club to send two Rotarians to the Rotary Leadership Institute in the coming year.

Staff report