Turkey Hill launches fan club

Staff report

CONSESTOGA, Pa. — For 85 years, Turkey Hill Dairy has prided itself on having some of the most passionate and loyal fans any ice cream and iced tea brand could ask for.

And now the brand has created a place for those millions of super fans to come together over a bowl of rocky road or a glass of peach tea.

That place is called the Turkey Hill Nation. The Turkey Hill Nation bills itself as an interactive fan club for everyone from diehard fans who want to swap stories with fellow fanatics to casual fans searching for the inside scoop on new products and flavors.

“The Nation is for everyone who loves ice cream and iced tea,” said Turkey Hill President John Cox. “We built it not just as a way to spread news about what’s happening here at Turkey Hill, but also to give fans a voice. Members will be a part of our team and will have a chance to help shape our future and build the Turkey Hill brand.”

To celebrate the launch of the Nation, Turkey Hill will choose several new Nation members to win free ice cream, iced tea and official Turkey Hill Nation items.

The Turkey Hill Nation is based online at www.turkeyhillnation.com and is free to join. Upon signing up, new members will have access to a range of content available only to Nation members, including polls, coupons, recipes, as well as ice cream and iced tea-related challenges. The Nation also includes an app for fans who don’t want to miss a single update about their favorite drinks and frozen treats.

The centerpiece of the Nation is “The Scoop,” a message board that offers the latest and greatest Turkey Hill happenings and sneak peek opportunities long before they are publicized elsewhere. Select Nation members will even have the chance to receive a “first taste” of new products before they arrive in stores. This fan-driven outlet is one of many opportunities for members to chat, share their ideas and discuss all things Turkey Hill.

Staff report