Gateway Arts Council wins state grant

Staff report

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Arts Council board has approved $12,067,366 in grants to support Ohio artists, organizations, students, educators, and public arts programming during its initial and major fiscal year 2018 funding round.

Of the grants distributed, a total of $1,267,711 will be awarded through 70 grants to recipients in Western Ohio to help support arts initiatives.

The 15-member board approved 635 grants when it met publicly, July 19, for its summer board meeting.

This year, the OAC awarded 114 new applicants with funding.

Grant recipients in the western region of Ohio include artists and arts organizations in the following counties: Allen, Auglaize, Champaign, Clark, Darke, Greene, Logan, Miami, Montgomery, Preble, Shelby, and Van Wert.

Shelby County’s sole recipient was Gateway Arts Council in Sidney, which was awarded a Sustainability Grant of $9,182.

Sustainability supports ongoing arts and cultural activities in all genres. Awards support the largest and most administratively sophisticated organizations in the state’s arts and culture ecosystem. This four-year funding supports a wide range of the state’s arts providers that are positioning Ohio as a national leader in creativity, artistry, and cultural wealth.

“Thanks to the Ohio governor and legislature’s prioritization of arts funding in the state budget, the Ohio Arts Council continues to invest in Ohio’s creative economy. With these awards, Ohio’s arts sector will engage our citizens, undertake innovative projects and lead our state to a bright, shared future,” said Donna S. Collins, Ohio Arts Council executive director.

Staff report