Rotary Club announces playground plans

Staff report

SIDNEY — Duane Gaier, president of the Sidney Rotary Club, spoke at the club’s recent luncheon.

Each year, the Sidney Rotary Club looks for projects which will benefit the residents of Sidney and nearby communities, Gaier said. Sidney is blessed with many public parks including the Tawawa Park system. The parks have very nice playground equipment; however none of the parks have playground equipment designed specifically for physically challenged youth. The Rotary Club announced that it plans to lead a project for a playground area in Tawawa Park near the Geib Pavilion which is designed for physically challenged youth.

Various pieces of equipment in the play area are being considered, but will likely include a swing with a harness, a merry-go-all, rock and raft, a sensory wave, xylophone and a slide with rollers. Other pieces may be considered, depending on costs. The play area will also include a poured, rubberized surface around and underneath all the playground equipment. The surface is approximately 60 feet by 90 feet.

The Rotary Club is partnering with the Sidney Kiwanis Club, other organizations, local government and businesses, large and small, to fund the playground. The Rotary Club will also apply for support through grants. Individuals are also encouraged to support this project. The estimated cost of the project is $150,000. The Rotary and Kiwanis clubs have each committed a minimum of $10,000.

The playground would be accessible year round. Due to the costs and the fundraising required for this project, the Rotary Club projects this project to be completed in 2019.

Staff report