Cleveland woman oldest American

Hamilton Journal-News (TNS)

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS — Lessie Brown, 113, is now believed to be the oldest living person in America after the passing of 114-year-old Pennsylvania resident Delphine Gibson, according to the Gerontology Research Group.

Gibson died Wednesday, May 9, in Huntingdon.

Brown, who now resides in Cleveland Heights, was born in Atlanta in 1904 and moved to Ohio when she was 18.

Brown had five children, and according to her family, has more than 50 descendants.

Upon hearing the news from her daughter, Verline Wilson, 88, she said, “That’s good.”

Brown’s daughter, Vivian Hatcher, 90, attributes her age to Brown’s faith in God, and believes it’s God’s plan she has lived this long.

Brown attended services at the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Cleveland for more than 70 years.

According to Gerontology, Chiyo Miyako, of Japan, is currently the world’s oldest living person at age 117.

Hamilton Journal-News (TNS)