Red Cross: Be prepared

CINCINNATI — September is National Preparedness Month, the perfect time to get a household ready for an emergency. The American Red Cross urges everyone to be prepared for a disaster before it happens.

There are three basic steps:

1. Get a kit. Pack the following items in an easy-to-carry container: a gallon of water per person, per day; nonperishable food; flashlight; battery-powered radio; extra batteries; sanitation and personal hygiene items; copies of important papers; extra cash and any medical or baby supplies family members may need.

2. Make a plan. Have all members of the household help devise an emergency plan. Consider what emergencies could happen, what to do if the family is separated and how to let loved ones know each is safe.

3. Be informed. Learn what disasters are common to the area. Find out how local authorities will let people know an emergency is happening. Make sure at least one household member is trained in first aid and CPR in case help is delayed during a disaster. Download the Red Cross First Aid App at to have instant access on how to handle common first aid emergencies.