Rob Lowe to perform in Dayton

DAYTON — Victoria Theatre Association will present Dayton native Rob Lowe’s one man show, “Stories I Only Tell My Friends: LIVE!” at the Schuster Theater, June 2, at 4 p.m.

Tickets are available at 888-228-3630 and

Inspired by the success of his two The New York Times best-selling memoirs, “Stories I Only Tell My Friends” and “Love Life,” Lowe has created an all-new, peek behind the curtain at Hollywood, fame, fatherhood, marriage and a life lived at the forefront of culture for four decades. Broadway World calls Lowe, “As personable and charismatic of a presence onstage as he is onscreen.”

His grandfather was Spot owner, Robert Hepler.

From the Brat Pack to “The West Wing” to “Parks and Rec” and beyond, “Stories I Only Tell My Friends: LIVE!” is packed with witty fun and one-of-a-kind insights spanning an iconic career. Broadway World raves, “The humor is first class, with the jokes and funny anecdotes keeping the audience in stitches for most of the night.” In addition to Lowe’s storytelling, the show will include a question and answer session and plenty of insider film clips and photos.

“This isn’t a regurgitation of the books, because that wouldn’t be very much fun,” said Lowe. “This is very much its own beast, but it does have some of the same feel of the books.”

Lowe released his memoir, “Stories I Only Tell my Friends” in 2011. The book was an instant hit, spending consecutive weeks in the top four of The New York Times best sellers and making it onto GQ’s “Best of 2011” book list. Lowe’s second book, “Love Life,” was published in 2014 and landed a spot on The New York Times best-seller list.

“I decided to put what would be the third book into a show where I could go out directly to an audience and share and have an exchange with them directly,” he says. “Frankly, I love meeting people, being out in front of them, hearing their comments. It’s really fun,” said Lowe.