Actor Kirk Cameron in Botkins

BOTKINS — Actor Kirk Cameron is bringing a marriage event to Only Believe Ministries, helping people to discover that marriage is worth fighting for.

Cameron won a lot of fame portraying Mike Seaver on “Growing Pains.” It was while acting on the sitcom that he met his wife, actress Chelsea Noble. Noble played Seaver’s girlfriend on the series. They actually got married while they were working on the show. Cameron was only 20 years old at the time he was married.

“I was really young, which I love. I am so blessed to have this many years with my wife,” said Cameron.

The attraction was Chelsea’s faith.

“I would think that was one of the most attractive things about my wife, aside from just being beautiful, is that she had a deep and strong love for God. That was really the basis for our friendship and that just blossomed into something better,” said Cameron.

The marriage, some would say against all odds, forming in Hollywood and being so young, has lasted.

“My wife and I have been married 25 years and we have six children,” said Cameron. “So it’s been a real passion of ours to help others by sharing some of the things that we’ve learned that’s kept us strong for 25 years in Hollywood.”

Cameron also starred in a movie, “Fireproof,” which showed the commitment it takes to having a marriage.

“I think that we need strong marriages and families now more than ever. And we live in a culture where there are tensions rising on all fronts and people are feeling or looking for something that is solid and sure. Nothing feels solid and sure if things are not solid at home, and so I think that family is the foundation for a healthy community, a healthy church, a healthy country. So I want to do all that I can to help strengthen marriage and family,” said Cameron.

Cameron’s appearance in Botkins is for single people, for couples thinking about marriage, and newlyweds and couples who have been married for years.

“The ministry that we are actually bringing to the church is called, ‘Love Worth Fighting For.’ I would describe it as a date night for couples. It’s a night of music, of teaching, of humor, personal stories, movie clips from ‘Fireproof’ and it’s a time where couples can laugh together, sing together and pray together and learn together how to strengthen their marriage. It’s not a lecture summit, it’s a date night where it’s half music concert half marriage counseling all with Mike Seaver and great movie clips from a movie that really stirred people’s hearts about marriage,” said Cameron.

And Cameron and his wife have also released an e-course recently.

“My wife Chelsea and I just released a really special project that’s been about ten years in the making. It’s an online e-course called ‘The Heart of Family.’ It’s kind of like a cross between a reality show and a master class on the subject of marriage and family. So we are literally opening up our home and we have those who sign up join us at our kitchen table and we talk about the principles of marriage and raising kids. That which makes for a happier home and a healthier marriage. People can sign up at the website,,” said Cameron.

Cameron also has another event, Revive Us II, that will be coming out shortly.

“We did an event last year called Revive Us that was a one night only live event in movie theaters across the country. It was right before the presidential elections and it was a time to gather as the family of faith and pray together and worship together and learn how to revive the heart of a nation. And we had Dr. Ben Carson with us with James McDonald and Francis Chan and others. So this year we’re doing the second installment of Revive Us and it’s going to be held at Washington D.C. at the Museum of the Bible and there’s more exciting guests and it will be in movie theaters again,” said Cameron.

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Cameron described the event as a date night. described the event as a date night. Courtesy photo

Kirk Cameron is bringing “Love Worth Fighting For” to Botkins. It’s a mix of concert and marriage counseling. Cameron is bringing “Love Worth Fighting For” to Botkins. It’s a mix of concert and marriage counseling. Courtesy photo
Christian event to focus on strengthening marriages

By Merri Hanjora


WHAT: “Love Worth Fighting For”

WHEN: 6 p.m. Sept. 9

WHERE: Only Believe Ministries, 13815 Botkins Road, Botkins

ADMISSION: $22.50 general admission; $50 VIP. Group pricing is $20 per ticket for a group of 10 or more.

Reach Merri Hanjora at 567-242-0511