Out of the past

100 years

June 29, 1915

J.D. Ferree was one of the troops which was at the capture of Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy in 1865. He will give a detailed account of this incident at the meeting of Neal Post in the armory next Monday evening. The post will hold an open meeting and everyone interested is welcome to come . If the post room is to small the drill room will be utilized.


Miss Mary DeWeese returned home today from the Department convention of the Woman’s Relief Corps which met in Mansfield. Miss DeWeese was honored in being elected as a delegate to the national convention which meets in Washington D.C. in September.

75 years

June 29, 1940

In a preliminary announcement of the population of Shelby county for the 1940 census, an increase of 1,123 over the 1930 census is noted, according to F.D. Christian. Fourth district supervisor of the Federal census. The population of the county as of April 1, 1940 was 26,047 as compared with 24,924 on April 1, 1930. The number of farms decreased in the period from 2,398 in 1930 to 2,272 in 1940.


Frank F. Hetzel was formally installed as the new president of the Sidney Rotary club during the regular meeting held yesterday in the Hotel Wagner. He succeeds Jos. Wright in that capacity. Other officers installed included: Elmo Arthur, vice-president; Leo McFarland, secretary-treasurer; Frank Amann, Joseph Wright, and W.H. Goode, directors.

50 years

June 29, 1965

Marsha Denyes, 120 East South street, attending Buckeye Girl’s State at Capital University in Columbus this week, was elected to the House of Representatives there. Mrs. Denyes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Denyes is a member of the mythical Federalist party in the city of Greene and county of Jones.


Dick Amos, son of Mr. and Mrs. William T. Amos, was scheduled to arrive in West-Berlin, Germany as a member of the Wooster college group enroute to Vienna, Austria, for two months of study at the Institute of European Studies. The Wooster party of 35 students and professors left New York Thursday afternoon.

25 years

June 29, 1990

Johnny Maher, 38, of northern Vermont, passed through Shelby County this week enroute to the nation’s northwest. But he was not your typical traveler. A lean bearded man with wild hair, he drives a wooden cart pulled by a work horse and is accompanied by a mangy-looking dog. While much of his trip was uneventful, Maher ran into a bit of trouble last night after stopping off at Port Jefferson for a couple of beers. It seems his cart was weaving down the highway and someone reported him as being either ill or intoxicated. So he was escorted to the Red Roof Horsetel in Sidney where he and his animals spent the night before continuing on his way this morning. No charges were filed. Since August of 1989 Maher has been traveling around the country with his horse and cart, stopping to do odd jobs to earn money.