Out of the past

100 years

July 11, 1915

Jacob Timeus, aged 73, who resides west of Anna, fell from a southbound Western Ohio traction car at the Lane Street corner at 11:30 a.m. today. He appeared to become confused and stepped from the car while it was in motion. He was thrown heavily to the brick paving. He was immediately taken to the city hospital and Drs. Hobby and Costello called to attend to him. Mr. Timeus apparently escaped serious injury although his left shoulder was dislocated and he was badly bruised.


The detailed report of the engineering study made of the proposed underpass of the C.H. & D. Railroad tracks was made public today. No estimate of the cost was available. The survey was made by Lawrence H. Bell and Edwin Conner, civil engineers at Ohio State University. The report was approved by Prof. Sherman of the university. The total cost of the survey to the city was $150. Four possible remedies for the situation were examined by the engineers in making their study. These included Culvert Street, South Street, Court Street and Poplar Street, with Court Street providing the best answer in the eyes of the engineers.

75 years

July 11, 1940

The widening of North Street as a WPA project has been completed and the entire street is now open to traffic and relieves a considerable amount of traffic congestion which formerly occurred there. The curb has been moved back on both sides of the street from Ohio Avenue to the Miami River. This will increase parking facilities as the street was formerly restricted for parking because of the danger it created.


Miss Alberta Kies left this afternoon for the Democratic National convention in Chicago, where she will be in attendance all next week as an alternate at large from the State of Ohio, having been elected at the May primary. She will also serve as hostess to the Ohio delegation, assisting Mrs. Mildred Jaster of Columbus, senior national committeewoman from Ohio.

50 years

July 11, 1965

Members of the Sidney planning commission at their meeting in the municipal building Tuesday evening gave formal approval to a plat for the development of Pinehurst Street from N. Main Avenue to Broadway Avenue. The plat, submitted by R.L. and Agnes Burke, provides for the development of the approximately two block section into 26 lots for residential construction.


Subler’s Grocery Advertisement – Chuck roast, 39 cents a pound; Del Monte peaches No. 2 ½ can, 25 cents; Krispy Crackers, one pound box, 33 cents; salmon, tall cans at 49 cents.

25 years

July 11, 1990

The City of Sidney is about to grow significantly. Council has approved a 386 acre annexation. It is the large area north of Russell Road and to the west of interstate 75. Additional space for commercial expansion will be available. The project was announced by Mark Cundiff, the city planner.


The Russia local schools will have a new librarian. She is Barbara Kohl. Mrs. Kohl has five years of experience with the Piqua Central Catholic schools. Her main aim is to install a new computer system that is school-wide. She has chosen Apple products.

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