Council discusses how to store records

Staff report

QUINCY — The Village of Quincy Council met with Andrew Wagner of Access Information Protected during a recent council meeting.

He review with Council their process of reviewing and storing village records. The village would have access to those records after being sorted and recording the records on media. An estimate for the service is available. Council was also told they can choose what records are stored and how they need to be sorted for access. Access works with the State of Ohio and follows all laws in regard record retention and disposal.

Two citizens were at the meeting to register a complaint regarding the moving of the polling place out of the village of Quincy. They reported not receiving cards, no maps on where at Riverside the vote was being held. Council noted that the village of Quincy was not represented at Riverside School and not included in the newspaper notification of where village of Quincy residents were to vote.

An investigation into laws regulating this type of information would be conducted. Council noted several other issues and will also review these matters.

Council also received information on a request from Dayton Power & Light regarding a request to the P.U.C.O. for a 3 percent rate increase to begin Jan. 1, 2017.

A review will be conducted regarding an increase in the premium for health insurance coverage. The increase will amount to $154 per month starting January 2016.

Council discussed options in regard to commercial and residential building permits. This option is being presented by the Logan County Commissioners. Council has decided to meet with Solicitor Steve Fansler regarding the matter.

After review and discussion it was determined that leaf collection can be done in 2015. It will last for four days starting Nov. 16-19, 2015. All leaves are to be ready for pick and each residence will have one shot in order for the whole village to be covered. Leaves are not to have twigs included and not to be mowed or blown into the street. This places a driving hazard due to slick leaves and run into storm drains and clog the drains. Residents will be responsible for clog drains if leaves are raked into curb areas.

The next Neighborhood Watch meeting will be held Nov. 10, 2015, at the Quincy Community building from 7 to 8 p.m. and a speaker is being planned.

A Quincy/DeGraff Annual Joint Sewer Board meeting is being planned for Dec. 12, 2015, at 7 p.m. at the Quincy Community building. This meeting will be a review of operation of the Joint Sewer Plant, problems and future plans for the plant. Both councils, BPA and Aaministrator are requested to attend.

The final item on the agenda was a review of replacement of Well No. 1 due to lack of water produced by the well. Well No. 3 is not producing at full capacity which only leaves one well in full water capacity. Funding for the project, location of the new well, and legal review is being conducted at this time with the project to be started as soon as possible.

Two accounts will be scheduled for shut off due to a balance exceeding $200.

Staff report

submitted by Sandra S. Ward, fiscal officer for the village of Quincy.

submitted by Sandra S. Ward, fiscal officer for the village of Quincy.