Governor Kasich recognizes November 2015 as Hire a Veteran Month

Ohio offers veterans a fast track to jobs and education

Staff report

COLUMBUS — Governor John R. Kasich and Lt. Governor Mary Taylor recently signed a resolution officially recognizing November 2015 as Hire a Veteran Month throughout Ohio, asking Ohio’s employers to consider the skills and abilities of Ohio’s military veterans and service members when seeking new employees.

Ohio is proud to be called home by nearly 900,000 veterans and military service members and is committed to prioritizing and increasing the number of veterans, military service members and their families living and working in the state.

In his 2014 State of the State Address, Kasich said, “One of the best kept secrets in our state are our veterans. Not only do they deserve our thanks for the sacrifices they’ve made for our freedom, they deserve our help to transition back into civilian life.”

Taking those words to heart, Kasich and the Ohio General Assembly implemented several reforms that now make it easier for veterans and their spouses to obtain a state license or certificate for jobs in Ohio. And, Ohio’s 37 public colleges and universities are building a system to better apply military experience toward free college credit.

In addition, the state launched the Veterans Business Support Center in July 2014 specifically to make it easier for employers to connect with veteran talent. More than 2,300 employers have requested veteran resumes resulting in 490 veterans hired through this initiative.

For the veteran community, the new gives Ohio veterans, service members and their families one easy entry point to find information about jobs, building civilian resumes, professional licenses, benefits and how to obtain free college credit for their military training, education and service. offers:

• Military Skills Translator – Military skills are translated into civilian terms to help build your resume.

• Military Occupation Search – Learn how your MOS code/title translates to Ohio’s in-demand jobs.

• Licensing and Certification – Turn your military training and experience into a professional license and/or certification. State boards and commissions expedite military members applications and their spouses.

• Free College Credit for Military Experience – Ohio‘s colleges and universities are trained to recognize military training and experience and translate it into FREE college credits.

• Military Friendly Employers – Find more than 1,263 Ohio employers that provide hiring preferences or other benefits to veterans and their families.

• Veteran-Owned Businesses – Learn about resources and programs to help veterans start or grow a business.

• Veterans Resource Guide – Find out about federal, state and local veterans benefits.

Ohio’s workforce system is placing a greater priority on the veteran community. For individuals, the state is able to better connect Ohio’s veterans with the job training and tools they need to compete for Ohio’s In-Demand Jobs. For employers, Ohio is better positioned to assist them in identifying and connecting with qualified job-seeking veterans. Together we are helping more Ohio veterans find rewarding careers, providing for themselves and their families.

Ohio offers veterans a fast track to jobs and education

Staff report