Auglaize voters giveSpencer 4th term

By Patricia Ann Speelman -



WAPAKONETA — Auglaize County Republicans have asked Doug Spencer to serve as a county commissioner for a fourth term.

The incumbent from St. Marys defeated St. Marys Mayor Patrick McGowan, Tuesday, May 8, in the Republican primary by a vote of 4,387 to 1,871. The results are unofficial. Spencer will face no opposition in the general election in November.

The winner said he did not take the campaign lightly.

“I really subscribe to the adage, ‘With competition, you really do run scared.’ I told people, ‘I’m losing until the board of elections tells me I’ve won,’” he said, Tuesday, after the votes were counted.

Spencer said that his opponent ran a “strong campaign. He ran a great campaign, marketing himself for the position.”

For his part, McGowan noted that he felt very good about the campaign he waged.

“I worked very hard,” he said. “I walked every city and village in the county. I tried to talk to every Republican. I know I gave it everything I had. I have no regrets.”

He has 19 months left in his term as mayor of St. Marys and he said that he will continue the projects that are facing the city.

“We’ve got a water plant to build, an electrical grid to complete, a splash pad,” he said. Whether he’ll run for another office is not a decision he’s ready to make yet.

“I’ve never been in politics because I have to depend on it. I’m in it because I enjoy it,” the retired businessman said.

The current board of commissioners has served together for 10 years. The other commissioners are Don Regula and John Bergman.

Spencer thanked voters for giving him a fourth term.

“I’m extremely ecstatic that they have faith and confidence not only in me but in John, Don and Doug. One commissioner can do nothing. It’s through collaboration, cooperation and communication that a board achieves its goals,” he said.

Spencer was first elected to the board of commissioners in 2006.


By Patricia Ann Speelman

Reach the writer at 937-538-4824.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4824.