Several capital projects set for Sidney

By Sheryl Roadcap -

SIDNEY — The city of Sidney is preparing for a busy couple of years as street repairs, water and sewer projects continue and as well as Ohio of Transportation (ODOT) supported projects get underway.

City Engineering Manager Randy Magoto updated Sidney City Council on the projects at the work session Monday night.

The 2018 street improvements includes the city’s sidewalk program, street paving and micro-surfacing, curb and gutter repairs, and improvements and upgrades to Fair Road and Vandemark Road where the Love’s Travel Stop is expected to open next year.

Property owners have until June 29 to make sidewalk repairs before the city completes the work, Magoto said.

Approximately 12.22 miles of road is set to be paved this year, with only 1.65 miles micro-surfaced. The resurfacing project is estimated to cost $1.77 million and could begin as early as June. The street micro-surfacing, which includes installing a thin underlayment of a chip-seal coat with a surface of a poly-modified cold mix pavement, will fix wheel rutting and extend pavement life. It is more cost efficient than conventional asphalt, Magoto said. The micro-surfacing contract amount is $199,368. Assistant City Manager/Public Works Director Gary Clough said the “mill and fill refill” repair typically lasts 12-15 years.

Curb and gutter repairs will be completed ahead of the streets scheduled to be resurfaced, Magoto said. Approximately 27,100 linear feet of curb is being replaced and 207 ADA complaint handicap ramps will be installed. The project cost is about $1.3 million.

Improvements to Fair Road and Vandemark Road includes widening, and adding turn lanes on Vandemark Road, to the south of Fair Road. Curbs and a sidewalk will also be added on the east side of Vandemark Road. A left turn lane on the westbound lane of Fair Road at Vandemark Road will be added, also. Sidewalks will be installed on both sides of Fair Road, from the Interstate 75 ramp to Vandemark Road, Magoto said.

Love’s is funding the entire project, with the exception of the upgrade of a mast-arm traffic signal to be installed at Fair Road and Vandemark Road. The city of Sidney will pay about $62,000 to upgrade the traffic signal. It was noted the road improvements should be completed by winter.

The Jefferson Street Bridge replacement project is basically completed, Magoto said, with the exception of some fencing and grass seeding currently being installed. The bridge was replaced with a 12-foot-wide by 6-foot-tall box culvert. The total cost was $268,823.70, in which the (Ohio Public Works Commission) OPWC grant paid for $138,400, leaving the city’s share at $130,423.70, he said.

The 2018 stormwater improvements located downtown will be in alley ways and surrounding court square and will allow roof drains to be connected to reduce the number of drains dumping onto the ground, Magoto said. An OPWC and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) grant in the amount of $335,000 will go toward the project that is still in the design stage.

The storm sewer along side of Sidney-Shelby County YMCA needs replaced, as it provides an outlet for the North Main Avenue detention basin. The design for the YMCA project is currently underway, in which Magoto said $126,700 is budgeted.

Helen Court lacks proper drainage and needs replaced due to the steep grade of the street. It also provides an outlet for the North Main Avenue detention basin. The design is underway, of which $119,722 is budgeted for the project.

There are several sanitary sewer improvements in various design, bidding and/or the construction phases that are planned for 2018 at Chestnut Avenue at Doorley Place, Maxwell Place, Park Street, Bay Street, Helen Court, Hall Street and Gearhart Road. The improvement on Gearhart Road will serve the future animal shelter. It is being funded by Shelby County with the city’s engineering department overseeing construction to begin in few weeks, Magoto said.

For water distribution improvements, Magoto said the water main on Ruth Street from Wapakoneta Avenue will be replaced. Construction is set to begin in early May, at the cost of $282,748. Also the water main at Letitia Drive at Elizabeth Court has been replaced, with water services currently being transferred to the new main. The project cost is in the amount of $194,940.

Under the ODOT supported projects, Magoto said the state Route 47 and Fourth Avenue project is substantially complete with the new mast-arm signal now in use. The project cost of $290,028 was 90 percent federally funded and 10 percent funded from the Ohio Toll Road fund.

The reconstruction of Russell Road, is a major, and expensive project, for which the city hopes to receive a grant funding. The project will cost about $1.8 million. If Sidney is selected for the Toll Revenue Credit and the Federal Highway Administration’s Small Cities grants, the local share will be about $487,310. This will be the fourth year Sidney has applied for grant funds. City staff expects to hear by the end of May if the Sidney project has been selected.

Court Street improvements are expected to begin in the spring of 2020 and should be completed in October of 2020. The project will include the replacement of the existing guardrail with a 42-inch decorative, concrete median wall; the installation of a 10-foot wide bike path on the north side of the road; decorative fencing; an upgraded traffic signal at Court Street and Walnut Avenue; and new street lighting along the entire project length.

The total construction costs is $2.27 million, and after federal and Ohio Tool Revenue funds, the city’s share will be $100,387.12.

Magoto also spoke about the replacement of the Park Street Bridge, Fair Road Bridge, and the Zenas King Bridge restoration and installation project in Tawawa Park.

Park Street Bridge construction will cost $1,052,631, and after grants, the city’s share will be about $52,6321. The bridge construction is set to being in the spring of 2019. Fair Road Bridge construction will cost $3,225,557, and after federal funds, Shelby County’s share will be about $161,278. Construction is set to begin in the spring of 2019.

Zenas King Bridge to be placed over Amos Lake is scheduled for completion in late 2019. After federal funding and Toll Revenue funds, the city’s share will be $37,300

By Sheryl Roadcap

Reach the writer at 937-538-4823.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4823.