Reineke takes plea deal in drug overdose death

Found guilty of reckless homicide

By Jim Painter - For the Sidney Daily News



SIDNEY – On Monday, a 37-year-old area man reached a plea agreement with prosecutors in a case where he was indicted for supplying illicit drugs that led to the overdose death of a Findlay woman last year.

In other cases, county jail and prison terms were handed out by Shelby County Common Pleas Court Judge James Stevenson recently.

Ronald Reineke, also known as Robert Reineke, 37, at large, pleaded guilty to an amended charge of reckless homicide, a third-degree felony, during his final pretrial. He was originally indicted in March by the Shelby County grand jury for involuntary manslaughter, a first-degree felony.

Stevenson found Reineke guilty of supplying fentanyl to Kimberly Ann Gaertner-Pizzuti, of Findlay. According to court records, the 44-year-old Gaertner-Pizzuti died on Sept. 29, 2017, from an overdose of the drug supplied by Reineke.

When sentenced he faces a maximum of three years in prison and a $10,000 fine. He remains free on a $5,000 bond.

• David W. Arnett Jr., 50, 3404 Chickasaw Court, was sentenced to 45 days in the Shelby County Jail on two counts of aggravated trafficking in drugs, third and fourth-degree felonies. He will participate in the jail work release program.

He was also placed on five years of community control, fined $200 and assessed the court costs and ordered to complete drug and alcohol counseling. Arnett was also ordered to forfeit $874 in cash derived from drug sales confiscated during his arrest.

On Jan. 4, Arnett and his wife, Mona, 46, were indicted by the Shelby County grand jury accused of trafficking drugs from their home, and, in the presence of a juvenile.

Mrs. Arnett was granted her request for treatment in lieu of conviction partly due to her not having prior felony convictions. As part of the agreement, she pleaded guilty to charges of permitting drug abuse, a fourth-degree felony, and possession of drugs, a third-degree felony.

• Trevion Schutte, 22, incarcerated, was sentenced to prison with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC) on two charges that will net him 18 months in detention. The prison sentence was imposed when Schutte appeared in court for a probation violation.

Schutte was ordered to serve 18 months on a charge of grand theft, a fourth-degree felony, and, 12 months on a charge of attempted vandalism, a fifth-degree felony. The prison terms will be served concurrently, or at the same time.

Stevenson also ordered he forfeit his ownership in two vehicles used in the crime.

Schutte was among a trio of people involved in theft and property destruction at the Sidney Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve 2016.

According to court records, Schutte joined with co-defendants to steal merchandise from Wal-Mart after the store had closed for the holiday. Just before 6 p.m. that evening, Schutte entered the store and hid behind boxes on the shelf in the baby section of the store. After employees left for the evening, he caused approximately $1,000 in damage to glass cases housing the equipment. Officials estimated the loss of the items to be $18,000.

When originally sentenced, Schutte was placed on five years of community control and assessed court costs. The trio were also ordered to pay restitution to Wal-Mart in the amount of $15,000.

Indiana woman ordered to reformatory

• Aimee Megan Chenoweth, 28, Huntington, Indiana, was sentenced to 18 months at the Marysville Reformatory of Women with the ORDC on a charge of improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle, a fourth-degree felony. The prison term was imposed with Chenoweth violated her probation and failed to appear for a court hearing.

The court also ordered a handgun to be destroyed.

She was arrested on Dec. 3, 2016, when a loaded pistol was found in her car. She was originally placed on five years community control, fined $300 and ordered to pay court costs.

• Nicholas James Harris, 30, 380 Blackfoot Trail, Piqua, was sentenced to 12 months with the ODRC on a count of possession of drugs, a fifth-degree felony. The incarceration orders were a result of a probation violation.

She was arrested June 15, 2017, with heroin.

• Roger Gibson Jr., 27, 1200 S. Kuther Road, was sentenced to 11 months in prison on a charge of attempted burglary, a fifth-degree felony. He was also ordered to pay $1,444 in restitution.

He failed to appear in court on Feb. 5 for his final pretrial hearing. He then failed to appear for his sentencing on April 9. Stevenson revoked his $2,500 bond and issued a warrant for his arrest.

He was found guilty of breaking into an apartment at 803 ½ S. Main Ave. on Oct. 1 with a person at the residence.

In other cases:

• Levi A. Moorman, 21, Covington, was ordered to serve 180 days in the county jail for a probation violation on a charge of possession of drugs, a fifth-degree felony.

• Keesha D. Powers, 26, 750 Broadway Ave., was sentenced to 180 days in the local jail on a charge of attempted permitting drug abuse, a first-degree misdemeanor.

The sentence was initiated on a probation violation.

• Rickey Gallimore Jr., 50, 745 Broadway Ave., was ordered to serve 180 days in the county jail as part of their work release program on a charge of attempted possession of drugs, a first-degree misdemeanor. The work release term begins May 29.

• Christopher Heath, 40, 1330 Dartmouth St., was sentenced to 120 days in jail on a charge of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence, a fourth-degree felony. He was also fined $1,350, had his driver’s license suspended for three years, ordered to have restrictive plates and Interlock on his car once his license is no longer suspended, and was ordered to forfeit his vehicle impounded at the time of his arrest.

He was also ordered to attend counseling at the Western Ohio Regional Treatment and Habilitation Center in Lima.

• Jenny Ryan, 47, at large, was ordered to the county jail until she can be transferred to participate in the Monday Program in Montgomery County on counts of possession of drugs and possession of criminal tools, both fifth-degree felonies.

Found guilty of reckless homicide

By Jim Painter

For the Sidney Daily News